Passion To Profit Atlanta Recap + Winners

Hi Darlings, I had such a great time with the Atlanta attendees at my Passion 2 Profit Tour this past Saturday. It’s always such…

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My third White Tree Fabrics Make – The Tilly and the Buttons Francoise Dress

Hi there!  I am extremely happy and relieved to be able to show you my final version of the Tilly & the Buttons Francoise dress, made for the White Tree Fabrics blog team.  I have already shown you two previous versions, both essentially acting as toiles for this project.  The first one was too small […]

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What Size Will my Project Be if I Change the Mesh of the Canvas?

Originally posted 2011-09-05 06:56:04. Republished by Blog Post PromoterIt can be frustrating. You love the project, but it’s charted for a size of canvas you dislike, or don’t have, or can’t see. But how can you figure out what size canvas you’ll need of the canvas you want. It sounds hard, but actually with a […]

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Magnolia Mystery Free Needlepoint Project

We start this delightful new project creating a stained glass needlepoint. Beginning with a stained glass pattern, we’ll stitch it using different stitches for the flower, a great background using overdyed threads, and a needlepoint mat. Once it’s finished, it can easily be put into a ready-made 4×6″ frame. It’s a mystery project, so you’ll […]

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heirloom techniques: smocked pocket

Here is a tutorial on how to add smocking to the pockets of the Oliver + S Puppet Show Shorts.

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Willow & Co 2015 Blog Tour!

We are excited to announce 2015 blog tour! The first day sure didn’t disappoint! Check out the stunning creations of our first day participants. 

We are huge fans of Rachel, the creative force behind Stitched Together. The Antalya she made for her daughter is simply stunning! 

Next is Alida of Alida Makes. She is simply fabulous and everything she makes is gorgeous. We are in love with her London backpack! 

Next up is Emily of Nap Time Creations. Emily tested and made a few of Willow & Co patterns, and they were all awesome!  Isn’t her Antalya gorgeous! Love the colorblocking. 

That’s it for today! Please come back on Thursday for more beautiful creations! 

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Make this Look: Color Theory

STYLO Magazine, Issue 4 is all about COLOR. Bright, bold, beautiful color. Colors reminiscent of Summer, of holding hands on the dock while watching the sunset. Of that first bite of watermelon as the juice drips down your chin, and color that reminds you of the smile on your child’s face as they hear the ice cream truck coming down the street on that first hot day. Everything about STYLO4 screams Summer, with a high […]

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New Orleans, Louisiana Travel Guide

As some of you who follow us on IG know, Trey and I visited NOLA earlier this month. For us it was an early two year anniversary trip (our anniversary is June 8th). But we went early because we wanted to walk (and bike!) around New Orleans without having to worry about the heat. So early May seemed like the perfect time. We absolutely LOVED New Orleans! We’ve been talking…

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floral // stripes

Dress (also love this one). Shoes: Stuart Weitzman. Bow: ASOS. Lips: Stila. Sunglasses: Prada.

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Dress Up Party – Pattern Review – Colette Violet

This post is part of Dress Up Party. For contest rules, full details, and schedule, please click here! Today’s post is from Erin of Miss Crayola Creepy. Hello everyone! My name is Erin and I blog over at Miss Crayola Creepy. I’m a fan of kittens, Cary Grant, walking on the beach, sewing, reading, knitting, drinking… Read More

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More Matchy-Matchy Pajamas

Yesterday, I went through my closet and gathered everything up that might have been worn even once and washed it all. I wanted to make sure that everything in my closet was clean before I left on my holiday. Since I hang almost all of my clothes to dry…

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Me-Made-May ’15 Weekly Recap

photos from my InstagramHello everybody! Week 2 of Me-Made-May ’15 is over! How time flies! So another recap of my weekly outfits is due: OUTFIT 1: Self-drafted pencil skirtOUTFIT 2: Pin Pegs mini skirt from Sew This Pattern (blogged here)OUTFIT 3…

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Tropical jungle explosion- scuba circle skirt!

I have already shown you this skirt… hanging on rather a run of the mill wooden coat hanger against a rather mundane white door.  But this, I think, is not a mundane skirt.  Absolutely not. This wild scuba fabric  was a surprise gift from Josie at Fabric Godmother – she picked out something that she […]

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Twisted Tuesdays Tour: Week 4

Twisted Tuesday number four brings us four wonderful bloggers. First is Laura from Behind the Hedgerow, who I was lucky enough to meet on my recent trip to Paris. She was just as stylish, fun and easy going in person as … Continue reading

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Daddy Diaper Clutch Tutorial

DaddyDiaperClutch-2Before you think I had another baby, this is actually a cute cousin I borrowed and posed with my husband to take these photos, lol! We all know dads (and hey, some moms. Especially me the second time around) don’t like to carry a huge diaper bag and a ton of supplies. This diaper clutch tutorial Read the Rest…

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Easy Homemade Applesauce

Easy Homemade ApplesauceThis recipe for easy homemade applesauce is super simple, yummy and requires very little effort.  There is a bonus to making applesauce from scratch – the amazing smell that will waft through every room in the house. Almost any apple will do except red delicious.  They are good for eating and not so good for […]

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Cleaning by Day of the Week

I’ve been working on that elusive stay-at-home/work-at-home balance. It’s so easy for me to get tunnel vision on one task or activity and lose sight of the bigger picture. I’ve discovered I’ll feel most accomplished if I set my three Most Important Tasks for the day to each pull from one category of need — Home/Family, Self, and Blog. In the home/family category the easiest task to pull is the Day of the Week Clean. 

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Let’s Do it Again!

When I was at the Vogue Fashion Fabrics booth at The Expo in Pullayap, I was deliberately looking for fabrics to make a couple of spring suits. I bought this midweight textured rayon suiting and the coordinating navy/white cotton houndstooth to make a…

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Check this out…

Sam (Handmade by Mrs H) has a great selection of bag patterns, and the latest is a collaboration with yours truly! The Sunburst Clutch features a scalloped, paper piece flap design, and the cover bag has an (optional!) gold pleather body which gives it a bit of a 70s Disco feel. If you’ve never made […]

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Twisted Tuesdays

Hi friends!You know how you see patterns made up all over the blogosphere but you don’t know for sure if it’s a pattern you’d ever sew up yourself, or if you would even make it more than once? I don’t know about you, but I love patterns that I will sew…

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Book (sort of) review

In a comment on yesterday’s post on the moulage Lyndle asked for information on the drafting book by Suzy Furrer. As it might interest more people I thought I’d answer it in a separate post.

I ordered the book from Apparel Arts directly. This is the school founded by Suzy Furrer where you can take all sorts of courses on drafting, draping etc. As for most of you, taking courses there is impossible for me.

On their site there is a link to their store where you can buy the book. Clicking on the book option immediately brought me a Paypal window to pay. To me that was a bit “direct”. It would be nicer to get some information first on the contents of the book, show shipping details perhaps instead of directly waving the invoice to you. It’s probably meant for their on-site students to buy the book easily and need it for their classes anyhow. On Amazon you can find a preview of the table of contents. But don’t buy it there! Right now it’s only offered at a price about 4 (four!) times the price you pay at Apparel arts directly.

The price of the book is $55, which is reasonable for this kind of book in my opinion. Shipping to Europe was another $24 and it was shipped the same day I ordered it and arrived within 10 days. The last is obviously depending on postal services and time to get through customs.

The reason I bought the book was to have the instructions in a written format too. The videos are wonderful and Suzy will give the little extra tips and tricks in the Craftsy courses, but once you know about a technique I don’t want to watch a whole video again doing it step by step, clicking through it just to find the thing you are looking for. And: in a book you can add (sticky) notes for things you want to try or remember. That’’s me, I love books (the real paper ones!). I know about Craftsy’s possibilties on making notes while you are watching. It’s not the same as taking your book, browsing, finding your notes, ideas.

Apart from the logistics of getting the book it’s of course interesting to know what the content is like. It has a good table of contents and a useless index. Most of the course material that is covered in the Craftsy courses is in it (as far as I can see, I don’t have the skirts and trousers class and not watched all courses to the end yet) and there’s a bit extra on some topics. Drafting a raglan sleeve, decorative sleeves, special shaped sleeve, drafting pockets, combining pricess seam and darts are a few examples.

The style of writing is very much as the Craftsy courses are: concise and to the point. To give you an idea of the way the instructions are written (clear as mud without the context and the line drawing, I don’t want to infringe on copyright):


This sort of instructions might look intimidating, but really are not that difficult and can be followed easily. If you want to have a go at pattern drafting (and I know that’s not everyones cup of tea) consider this book or the Craftsy class.

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Kokeshi & Fuji-san

New items in the Japan series section of the shop : two small zipped
pouches, two pencil cases, and my oh my, at long last, fabric (reversible)
storage bins ! They’re totally different from the buckets I used to make.
These have rectangle (well almost square) bottom, are taller, larger, and
don’t have any handles.

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Hemline Variations: A Tutorial

Today I wanted to share a tip using my favorite sewing notion . . . rayon seam binding!  Yes, I have found yet another excuse to keep adding to my collection of Hug Snug.
Hemming a garment is generally one of, if not the last, steps in the construction process – this means it is often rushed.  But a bit of extra time and effort can make a huge difference to the overall quality of a garment.  It really is all about the little details!

There are many, many different ways to hem a garment.  This particular option works quite well with thicker fabrics since it covers the raw edge without adding any bulk, although I also like to use it on lightweight fabrics, like this gorgeous floral cotton.

This technique involves a length of rayon seam binding (to cover the raw edge) and some catch-stitches (to contain and secure the binding to the garment).
The first step is to mark the fold line.

On most fabrics, I like to use a fabric pen to lightly mark the fold line on the wrong side of my fabric.  Tailor’s chalk is another excellent option.  
Next, a running stitch is worked along that marked line.  (I suggest using silk thread since it will be easy to remove later on.)
This basting stitch allows the fold line to be visible on both the right and wrong sides of the fabric.  It will also not disappear under a spray of steam at an inopportune moment!
A length of rayon seam binding is then stitched to the right side of the hemline along the raw edge.  I like to drop the spool of binding next to me at the sewing machine and apply the binding without pins, but you can certainly cut a length of seam binding sufficient to run the length of your hem and pin in place, giving yourself an inch or so extra at one end.

The stitching line should securely attach the seam binding to the fabric, making sure that the raw edge is covered.  Because the rayon binding is so lightweight, you will be able to feel the edge of your fabric to keep the binding in place, with or without pins.

To finish the end of the seam binding, simply trim and fold under the raw edge, overlapping the initial cut edge, and stitch in place.

Give the hemline a quick press to remove any puckering along the stitch line.

That should look something like this.

Press the hem up along the basted fold line.

Pin the hem into place.

For my initial versions of this hem variation, I would stitch through the upper edge of the binding.  While both edges of the ribbon are woven and will not fray, the application always seemed a bit unstable.
One day while I was catch-stitching seam allowances to an underlining, it hit me.  I could just as easily catch-stitch the seam binding on a hem application!

Moving left to right, catch-stitch the hemline in place, taking a bite out of the stitched edge of the seam binding followed by a tiny bite out of the fabric to secure the hem in place.

This hand stitch is best worked flat – that means no hemming while sitting on the couch watching a movie, no matter how tempting it may be!

The good news is that this hand work is virtually invisible from the outside of the garment.

Make sure to give your hemline a good press.  All that hand sewing means the garment has been handled quite a lot – a bit of steam will fix that! 

The final step is to remove the line of basting stitches.  I often leave basting threads throughout my finished garments, but in this case, they should really should be removed.
Yes, this hemming technique requires a bit of extra effort, but the end result looks so pretty!  The catch-stitch also makes for a very flexible hemline.  And beautifully finished garments really are a joy to wear!

[The fabric for this dress was received in exchange for my contributions as a Britex Guest Blogger.]
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The Antalya Dress

I’ve mentioned before how I felt a bit lost this year when I realized it was time to embark on a new style of sewing for Indigo.  She’s growing up, turning into quite the little lady, and her style was changing right along with her.  After sp…

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Floral Hudson Pants | Me Made May

The Curse Of The Hudson Pants: it’s real. Someone has fallen in love with every single pair I’ve made. And it’s really hard to say no because I love seeing my people wearing things I make. So I’ve happily gifted them, … Continue reading

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Steeplechase Leggings!

Hi, guys! Hope you’re all well! It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve blogged! Most of my sewing energy this month went towards the final projects for my tailoring class, but that’s over now so I am free to sew more fun stuff, yay! This is a little bit embarrassing, but, you guys, […]

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Miss Eve and the Jade Shift: Given a Chance Dress

Good evening, my dears! Yesterday, it stopped raining just long enough to snap pictures of my latest project. We Texans don’t like to complain about rain too much, for fear of it disappearing altogether, but I’m taking a stand. For fart’s sake, someon…

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My Pattern Lineup All The Way Through Next Spring!

It begins, my turning of the page back to garment sewing.  I really do have quite the back log of sewing patterns I’ve been itching to start.  I’ve placed them in five different categories.ShirtsSAlways wanted to make a baseball shirt.Love ba…

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Our Weekly Newsletter

Jet lag notwithstanding, we always come back from Quilt Market inspired and energized, full of creative ideas to share with you all. This past weekend in Minneapolis was no different! If you followed along with us on Instagram, then you may have already gotten a closer look at some of…

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This Ain’t My First Rodeo

Oh my, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I’ve had a lot on my plate lately, and then it actually rained for a couple of days. But last week I tagged along with Patrick when he went into Redlands for work two days, and did a bit of shopping. Surprisingly enough, Redlands has quite a few […]

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