It’s time I wrap up “my grey period”. Spring has FINALLY arrived in Montreal so [Read More]

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Sew + Show #25

Thank you so much for linking up to last week’s Sew + Show link party! Petit Bout de Chou delivered the most clicked item. Again  ;-).  I love this dress  in vintage fabric with Origami Path pleats (here is the tutorial)! Next was an incredibly cute dress by another Sew + Show regular – Sylvia from Lily and Woody. […]

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Decades of Style Arches Skirt Pattern on Sale!

The upcoming Decades of Style Arches Skirt sew along is just around the corner, but there is still plenty of time to get the pattern if you would like to join along. And, the good news is that Sew News is having a 1 day sale of 15% off!!!!! Use the cod…

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Adventures in bra dyeing

I think I’ve had turquoise on the brain for months now because of Elsa. One result of this is that I bought a lovely white bra kit from Grey’s with the intention of dyeing it and then decided on turquoise. Shocker. It was a really interesting experiment though and I’m pretty excited about repeating it! […]

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Yarn Along

My Norsk Cloak has come to a short standstill as I ran out of yet another color of yarn.  In the mean time, I thought I’d swatch something pretty in the soft red/pink that didn’t make it into the final version of the Norsk Cloak.  It ended up…

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March Photo Challenge Recap

During the month of March, we participated in a photo challenge on Instagram.  This challenge was put forth by The Daily Seam.  The Daily Seam is a group of sewing bloggers who share tips, tutorials, patterns and knowledge!  The challenge was to take a sewing related photo related to the theme for the day. Today […]

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Sunflower Crewel Embroidery – Preview 2

This is the second in a series of sunflower inspiration for a crewel work embroidery piece. I began this piece last year, during the summer Farmers Market in Northampton. See the first post here. The second sunflower I stitched was inspired by the…

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The Bombshell Dress

The triumphant traveler returns! I am home from Costa Rica, refreshed and eager to share my Bombshell Dress with you. I was practically sewing up until the flight, handstitching the hem a few hours before we left. It certainly adds to the excitement of…

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Definitely A YES YES Fabric

Since downsizing and streamlining my goals for the cruise collection, I’ve been making tremendous progress and yesterday, I reached a significant point. I finished…… the seven tops. They are – left to right – a black knit t-shirt, a fuchsia knit ta…

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WIP Wednesday: Frankly, Hank Progress

Flying in the face of quilt show norms seems to be very attractive to me…. or maybe it’s because I can play with my best pal, the Sewline Glue Pen, that’s firing me up? Either way, I’m making quick progress on the Frankly, Hank quilt and steaming through glue pen refills. At Festival this year […]

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I was gaining momentum…

…and then my custom illustration output had to be put on hold as I re-examined my to-do list. Which is Continue Reading →

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Creating a Facebook Group to Build Community for Your Business

  “The Facebook fan page feels like a podium,” says Jen Hagedorn. “It works for sending one-way messages about new patterns or sales, but it’s impersonal and can feel kind of spammy. The Facebook group, on the other hand, feels like a sewing circle.” Jen started a private Facebook group for her pattern company, Tie… 

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small world lotta skirt

Today I’m joining the It’s a Small World (blog tour) After All to show you a little bit of Rae‘s new fabric line for Cloud 9, Small World. It’s here, it’s great, and it’s corduroy! Corduroy makes such a wonderful garment fabric, but the selection of prints has always been pretty dismal. Until now! It’s […]

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Β· Red & Cream 1770s Jacket Β·

When we purchased the fabric for my robe a l’Anglaise, it only came in pre-cut increments.  Therefore, there was enough fabric for a gown and petticoat for myself, a round gown for my mother, and lots of leftovers.  Several years ago, I realized that a jacket would round out my 18th c. wardrobe nicely, so I used some of the fabric for that.  It has kind of turned into the “widow’s oil” of fabric, as we still had enough for a modern tote bag, and still have over a yard left.  But I’m not complaining!  I have yet to tire of this fabric. πŸ™‚

I’ve admired the jacket from “Costume Close Up” for years, but after seeing it on a large portion of Colonial Williamsburg employees, I was wary of making my own version.  I like to be as unique as I can (limited at times by my knowledge or lack thereof…), but that can sometimes be a hindrance.  I’m glad I didn’t let the distaste of being “just like everyone else” stop me from making this jacket, because it is so fetching!  I love the style. πŸ™‚

I already had J.P. Ryan’s jacket pattern and found that it fits me rather well as a base, so rather than start from scratch, I decided to use that as my starting point.  View D is rather reminiscent of the CCU jacket, so I used that as a reference to make the necessary changes.

Problem number one that I ran into with the JP Ryan pattern is that the back piece is too wide, therefore the angled peplum seam only hits at the side.  This causes wrinkles in the back peplum, since there isn’t any allowance for skirt fullness.  I wanted to minimize my fabric usage with this jacket, so I made use of piecing and unique cutting.  The jacket should have a side back seam, but my fabric-saving measure was to put in a godet instead of having an angled seam.  It adds the necessary fluffiness- one of my favorite aspects of 18th c. jackets. πŸ™‚

The jacket also needed slits at the front, which also end up helping to allow for skirt fullness.  I believe I shorted the whole jacket a bit too, but I can’t quite remember. πŸ™‚

As always, my much-loved, much-complimented American Duchess “Kensingtons” accent my outfit perfectly!  Has anyone else noticed how red shoes pop perfectly with all my 18th c. outfits?!  Totally unplanned, but I love it. πŸ˜€  Red is the perfect contrast!

While the front of my robe a l’Anglaise was a great example of matching designs, this jacket is a good example of a more common 18th c. frame of mind- utter disregard to pattern matching. πŸ˜‰
After making my first entirely hand-stitched garment earlier that year (my Polonaise), I was inspired to make another hand-sewn garment.  A jacket is much quicker gratification. πŸ˜‰  I’ve continued the tradition of hand-sewn jackets (mustard and block-print), and I’m a big fan.  There is something about visible hand stitches that makes me so happy inside. πŸ˜€
(For a great step-by-step tutorial on constructing this jacket with 18th c. methods, check out Rebecca and Ashley’s tutorial here)

I took a diversion from my normal straight-pin closure to do lacing on this jacket.  It takes considerably longer to get ready in the morning, but I adore the look!!

This jacket also benefited from the (much needed) assistance of that ever-so-handy pair of socks.
But really, all that cute flounciness needs a little extra “oomph” to showcase it. πŸ˜‰

One of my favorite petticoats to pair with this jacket is my green one, but I do always get several “what a very festive outfit!” comments when I do. πŸ˜›  Green and red are two of my favorite colors, and they pair so nicely, but I wish they didn’t have the automatic Christmas implication.  However, visiting Williamsburg in December this past year was the perfect opportunity to wear it with confidence and smile off all the “festive” comments. πŸ˜‰

· Photos by the fabulous Kathryn! ·
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 I’ve been loving the amazing Spring weather in Tiburon and SF… it’s time to bring out the sandals! These by Vince at Nordstrom are both comfortable and modern. Plus they’re made in Italy (unfortunately the same can’t be said for some of the more expensive brands!). And after my experience with their amazing sneakers, I convinced […]

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Bubble Magic

Hannah has been dying to go outside to do bubbles since February, but we didn’t have any and I didn’t make it a priority to get some.  But last week I texted Chris at the end of the day and asked him to swing by the Pound Store on the way home and…

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DIY Cropped palazzo pants and cropped top

I’ve been looking at palazzo pants for a minute, I’m not a huge fan of them but wanted to experiment.  What better way to experiment with fashion when you make your own.  I have a long torso so high waisted pants are perfect, but finding high…

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Scuba Skater Dress

By the end of last year I was feeling rather burnt out, so I decided to take a break from the Minerva Blogger Network and other sewing commitments. Luckily, Vicki agreed to irregular contributions from me and it feels good to be back!I felt like coming…

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A New Challenge

This is the second pair of pants I have ever made (here is the first).  Well, I take that back . . . I made a few pairs of bloomers many years ago which count as bifurcated garments, I suppose.Ridiculous, right?  Or maybe not . . . …

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Wearable Wednesday Guilietta

Ok, I think we have found some inspiration  here!  Check out this bodice: Am I crazy? Is this special? Am I just shoe dazzled? Yes, please. Pattern placement making me very inspired! This tailored retro uniformy thing is really working for me! Anyone else? Look. At. This.Coat! Squint in at this little hip detail! Even […]

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to a fellow April baby

To the big hearted person who holds a special place in my heart, to the
talented artist & doctor, to the pure heart & sweet soul, to the pure soul
& sweet heart …

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Curating Colour

Work has commenced on the Vogue toile. That severe angle above is a kimono sleeve gusset. The V stitching is there to reinforce the corner. I’m going to have to sew an entire seam into that severe angle. Wish me … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Shopping Guide for Sewers + Discounts

I didn’t expect Philadelphia to have a garment district when I moved almost 5 years ago, and was pleasantly surprised when I found out about Fabric Row. Located on 4th street between South Street and Catherine Street, it was a thriving, busy street during the early 20th century where vendors and merchants bought the best fabrics. Even though it’s not what it used to be and it’s no where near the size of NYC’s Garment District, but there are good quality stores that are second, third, and fourth generation family businesses. So, I rounded up my favorites! This guide covers mostly Fabric Row as there is not much elsewhere. I also included places to grab lunch, dinner, coffee or a treat along the way! FABRICs + NOTIONS Maxie’s Daughter 724 South 4th Street A family run business, Maxie’s Daughter used to be located in Philly’s Italian Market and was originally named Max Wilk Fabrics. Now run by Eric Trobman and his family, it was his grandfather, Max who immigrated from Russia and started the shop by renting a pushcart and folding scrap fabric neatly to get people to buy. When Wilk passed away in the early 1990s, his daughter, Beverly Trobman, took over. Three years later, she relocated to Fabric Row and renamed the store. The store is in the same location, which you can’t miss because of the giant mural on the side of the building. The right half of the store is dedicated to upholstery and drapery fabrics while the left side is dedicated to fashion fabric. Be prepared to hear family-style bickering between the staff. They are family after all! “Irving, can you help this young lady?”, “Irving, will you put this back?”, “Irving…. Irving… Irving…” It will only take a couple minutes to realize that one, Irving does a lot…

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All the kinds of done

The April Retreat is done, and it was beautiful, and fabulous, and we so enjoyed having Clara and Kate with us, and I think I do no wrong when I say that this might have been one of the best … Continue reading

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DIY maternity tee shirt dress

I wore this dress frequently throughout my pregnancy, it was flattering and very very comfortable. It was great for the winter and now it is carrying through to the spring quite nicely. I would pop on thick long sweater and wool hat with my suede booties for a more dressy cold weather look or I

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Seashore Dress pattern by Gracious Threads

This is the Seashore Dress, Top, & Tunic pattern by Gracious Threads. Here’s my review! I’m obsessed with Gracious Threads patterns. I own the Seena Dolman Tee in girls and womens sizes; and the Lazy Day Lounge Pants (which I … Continue reading

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April Burda Challenge – Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, Matey!!

This was one of those Burda moments where I couldn’t find anything I loved in the magazine. I looked and looked and looked. I drank wine and looked. I asked my kids and we all looked. I asked my husband and we looked again. Nothing really called out to me. Most were a little weird, some were just fugly, and a few were okay. I chose one of the okay ones thinking I had the perfect fabric for it. Behold, Dawn the Pirate. ETA: I should have added this is Burda 04-2015 #112. I graded down to a size 34, my typical Burda size.

I should have known better. You see, I’ve tried shirts like this before. They never seem to work out.

Doesn’t see look cute in her top though?? Doesn’t she? I think it might be the 3/4 angle.

This top looks okay, even from the front.

Me though, not good. Kind of like a sack of potatoes. Granted, the sack is made of nice, border-print, snake-skinish fabric. Not even that can save it.

It does have cool arm vents though. Rad. Or not.

I tried it with a belt and without. The sleeves seem too short too. Not only does this thing have big arms and extra fabric, it has four, yes FOUR, large pleats sewn into the shoulders to make it even more voluminous. YAY!

Pulled down on the shoulders like the Burda model just makes it look like I’m a toddler trying to be sexy or something weird.

My camera doesn’t even like it.

I should have known here. This is the neckline before the elastic. This baby is 54” around at the neck. This baby is billowy to say the least.

Arrrrrrrrrrrrr, you win some, you lose some. I DO love this fabric though, so I may try to refashion it into something. I got it from FabricMart a while back. It’s a poly blend something. I really do like the colors.

I will need a palate cleanser after this one.

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Swimsuit Season

  My oldest wanted a one piece swimsuit for her lifeguard certification class and around that time Shelley made one for her daughter.  It was a Jalie pattern that I had been eyeing and seeing it made up by someone I know was all the…

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The Bachelor NZ Ep 9: Horsing around

Warning: The horse puns are dire and predictable and don’t get any better, I’m afraid.We check in on Art’s workout and this time he’s off for a hill climb and burning some mad post-run calories with his intense gaze into the distance thinking about the…

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Summer is coming!

How better to get ready for Summer than making a pair of shorts? I had some heavy denim in my stash I bought at the thrift store.  I was thinking a pair of jeans, but after measuring the fabric I decided I had only enough to make shorts.I washed a…

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