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What is an RSS feed? 

RSS (Rich Site Summary) (also know as Really Simple Syndication) is something your blog software provides by default.  It’s something you can  customize on your end depending on your blog software

Some options include: Full or Partial Posts, Number of posts in the feed, Images or no images, etc.

Need Help Changing You RSS Settings?  Go Here

You can read more about RSS at wikipedia

Why would you want your RSS Feed on

Basically for more traffic to your blog.  Don’t take our word for it. Read some other people’s opinions:

Should you Syndicate your blog?

How to get more Blog Readers by having your content Syndicated

Did you know?

Links from other sites to yours are a critical aspect of search engine optimization”

It’s True! Read – > 10 Steps to being found on search engines


How do we do it? subscribes to your content through an RSS feed that YOU are providing to the public. uses the FeedWordPress plugin to Syndicate our favorite Sewing related Blogs.  It’s a free wordpress plugin available through the plugins tab in wordpress.

We do not alter your feed in any way.

We do not save your images to our server

All posts credit you and link back..

We update our posts if you update yours. (on a scheduled basis)

How do you Add or Remove your feed from

To be Added: If you would like your RSS Feed added to’s Syndication software you can email us at

To be removed: If too much of your content is showing you can fix that on your own.   Change your RSS Feed setting to show summary online.  If you are unsure how please try this page for more info.  If that’s not it just email us at the above address and we’ll remove your feed from our subscription.


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Welcome back to day 2 of the Lodo Dress Sewalong. I am excited to get sewing. Today we are going to be tackling the back seam, back slit for View A and sewing up the shoulder seams. Super easy. Let’s get started. Step 1 – (This Step is for View A Only. View B starts at Step 3 so go ahead and skip on down to Step 3 if you are sewing the shorter version without a back slit.)  Remember that all seam allowances are 3/8″ unless otherwise stated in the instructions. If you want to finish the seams with a serger you will want to do that now. You can serge each back seam independently before sewing them together. Since knits do not fray this is not necessary. I am going to opt out on serging View A (but will serge View B so that you can see both). You will be sewing this step using a stretch stitch. If your machine has a stretch stitch it will look something like a lightning bolt. No. 9 on my machine. If you don’t have one of those stitches on your machine you can also use a zigzag stitch and just […]

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