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Roping Up Some Christmas Spirit

Knott’s Merry Farm is in full swing at Knott’s Berry Farm, and over the weekend a group of my gal pals (plus Patrick) and I went to enjoy all of the sights and shows. I’ve wanted a steer head jacket for years now, but they aren’t exactly a dime a dozen. The first one I […]

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Short n’ Sweet Celebration Sale

A long time coming… at last all six sizes, UK 8-18, of my 1940s Pleat Coat are finished. To celebrate from today November 10- Sunday November 13  the pattern is 20% off ! SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSaveSaveSave

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Spooky Hillbilly Chic

We’re almost all moved into our new house, meaning we almost have all of our stuff over at the house! But we are far from settled! We’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to blog about an outfit I wore a week and a half ago! Normally I like to blog within three days […]

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The VV 1940’s coat pattern is now available in size 18!

Finally. And other sizes are now fully in the works. Size 8 will be up next week, followed by 14 and then 10 and 16 after that. Here’s what it looks like in tweed compared to my first make in cavalry twill. My full size chart can be viewed here. And more coat info can … Continue reading The VV 1940’s coat pattern is now available in size 18!

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Slue Foot Sue’s Golden Horseshoe

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Disneybound event put together by Dole Whip Dame. The theme? Disneyland itself! Attendees were encouraged to bound as attractions, restaurants, shops, and shows. Now the concept isn’t new to me, as I bounded as the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor last spring. This time I […]

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Cacti Love

Last Friday Patrick and I went to Ladies’ and Gents’ Night Out on Magnolia in Burbank. The monthly event is like one big party, with food trucks, live music and lots of sales at the amazing shops along Magnolia. So I swung by some of my favorite shops, and then headed over to Pinup Girl Clothing‘s […]

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Jackalope Jamboree

Some of you may already know of my love of the mythical creature the jackalope, so it was no surprise when Erstwilder released a jackalope brooch I just had to get my hands on one! Now unlike so many of my vintage loving friends, I’m actually not the biggest fan of Erstwilder’s stuff, as I […]

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Knott’s Preserved

By now it’s no secret I have fallen head over cowboy boots in love with Knott’s Berry Farm. The literal farm turned theme park has one of the most unique, interesting, and classic American dream stories that there is. The book that helps tell that story best is Knott’s Preserved: From Boysenberry to Theme Park, […]

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Vintage Reno Signs

I literally took thousands of photos on our road trip, 3322 to be exact. Most were of abandoned buildings and killer vintage signs, which are my two favorite things to photograph, and our road trip was full of them! So much so my photos are coming to you in three, yes, three, separate posts! First […]

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The Neon Museum

If you only go to one museum in Las Vegas, it should be the Neon Museum. The Neon Museum is rich in what made Las Vegas famous – neon. That spectacular glow of gases swirling inside glass made the lure of Las Vegas so bright and people flocked. Sadly though, over the years, many motels, hotels, […]

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Knott’s Auction

Late last week, Knott’s Berry Farm auctioned off a wide array of items that once dotted the famed amusement park. From paintings to coin-op amusements to animatronics to even a covered wagon, fans of Knott’s could view the items prior to the auction, then try their luck at bidding in the live auction. We attended […]

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Greetings from Portland

Patrick and I are in Portland for a couple of days for his work, and I tagged along to spend some time with friends, see my dad, and do a bit of shopping. I felt it was a perfect opportunity to share more of my vintage postcard collection! This time I bring you vintage Portland […]

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Tons of knitting projects

I noticed I’m more productive the longer I’m around fellow crafty types.  Case in point, when I hang out with my friend Jennifer. When we are together, we will knit, hang out in yarn shops, and talk about upcoming projects. We also help each other…

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A 1940’s Inspired Butterick 5951

I was standing over my sewing table contemplating what sewing pattern & fabric I wanted to use for my next project.  I has having a very hard time committing to cutting into this wonderful rayon print.  My husband walked in and gave me that extra push I needed to using this extra special fabric.  HeContinue reading

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· Estate Sale Score! ·

My apologies for neglecting this blog of late!  Life has been a new kind of busy lately and I’m still working on settling into the new normal 🙂  I’ve had several posts waiting in my drafts folder and I’m super excited to share them!  Of course, I’ve been enjoying the anticipation of sharing these for the past few months, but that only does so much for you…  This post has been waiting too long to share, but in my defense- it’s only just now seasonally appropriate again. 😉

This was one of our very first vintage dresses that actually *fit*!  We happened upon it at our first estate sale and didn’t have the opportunity to try it on before purchasing, but it ended up fitting like a glove. 🙂  We’ve picked up several vintage pieces that we can wear in the past couple years and like I’ve said before, it really has had a big impact on my personal style and mental process of creating new garments.
It’s also funny what I’ll wear for the sake of vintage- I’m really not a big fan of navy.  I’ve never been fond of it and I don’t think it’s a good color for me.  It’s something I’m definitely willing to overlook in the cause of wearing an amazing and fun 1940s dress though!

This dress was also one of my first steps towards building up a tolerance for high, high necklines.  Oh, the mid-century love of choke-y necklines!  I’ve become quite adjusted to them by now, thankfully. 😉
Can we just take a moment and admire that awesome neckline?!!  I think it’s so clever to use just the smallest hints of a contrasting color to add interest to this dress and the zig-zag neckline gets major cool points in my book.  The overall styling of the dress is just enough different from my usual designs that it is a great inspiration to think outside of my usual rut!

GAH. Miss L Fire wins again.
These great shoes were a purchase from Royal Vintage last year, although they’re out of stock now. 🙁  RV has more Miss L Fire styles in stock, and the detailing of them is always superb!  I adore the shape of these and that little curlicue is the icing on the cake!
My only caveat is that I think MLF’s peep-toe styles fit me better than the closed toe…  These shoes don’t live up to an all-day outing, but that just means I have all the more reason to wear them on partial-day outings. 😉

And then vintage dresses have funny little quirks like this!  A back neck zipper, 5″ of seam, then a back waist zipper.  This is a subject I’m pretty ignorant on- anyone know why they did that?  I always thought it was because a zipper going all the way down a back seam ends up bubbling due to the extra bit of bodice length for ease.  Is that true?  I’ve come across long vintage zippers before, so I don’t think that was the deciding factor.  Pipe up if you have any insight!! 🙂

Since I don’t gravitate towards navy or maroon, I didn’t have any accessories in those colors.  I do have lots of black, though!  This 1940s hat was a surprise find at an antique store when I was least expecting it, but it’s become such a staple for my 40s looks! 
Sweet scalloped gloves!  And also- why do I ever wear black?? So. Much. Lint. 😛

Until I had this dress, I was under the impression that peplums and larger hips didn’t go well together.  Now that I’ve dispelled that notion, and I’m excited about the options that have opened up! 🙂

Dramatic vintage poses are always a good idea.  Until you’re posing in front of a public building and then discover that you’ve attracted an audience of spectators inside.
Ahem. I may or may not have this experience frequently during photoshoots… “Carry on! Nothing to see here!”  Just yet another chapter in The Awkward Life of Lily. 😉
· photos, as ever, by the remarkable Kathryn! ·
*I received my shoes at a discount in exchange for posting online and all links to RV are affiliates- thanks for helping me indulge my love of shoes! 😉
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Over the weekend Patrick and I visited Corriganville Park, the former location of Corriganville, an amusement park of sorts from 1949 to 1965. Corriganville was built by movie and TV actor Ray Bernard, but better known as Crash Corrigan. After going on a hunting trip in Simi Valley with fellow actor, Clark Gable, in 1935, […]

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Palm Springs Postcards

Eons ago I shared a selection of vintage Los Angeles postcards I had collected over the years, mentioned it would be a series, sharing other vintage postcards from my collection. Well, here we are well over a year later and I am finally going to share some more gems with you! I decided to share vintage […]

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· A Touch of the Tropical ·

What should you do if it’s the middle of winter, but you find yourself without any seasonally appropriate blog posts? Pull out something super summery for complete change of pace!

I bought this fabric in a desperate search for something out of the box and new a few years ago.  I was feeling like I was getting into a rut, and wanted to shake things up a bit.  This large floral rayon certainly qualified! 😉  The color scheme is so fun and while I was most excited to accessorize with mustard or one of these pretty blues, when I went to my accessory drawer I couldn’t resist the chance to finally incorporate this wooden bangle!  To help tie it in with the dress, I added this block-printed silk scarf while the rest of the accessories remained pretty neutral.  I’m looking forward to figuring out a few more ideas to accessorize this dress once the weather warms up again- I think the possibilities will be endless!

It took me a few years to decide what pattern I wanted to use for this fabric, but I eventually settled upon Butterick 6927 (an out-of-print 1940s reprint pattern).  The pattern details are amazing and it’s such a comfortable style – I really should make it up again in a solid so that the details are showcased, but I always say that and never buy solid fabrics. 😉

Angled released darts, slashes and inset gathers, fiddly seaming: this pattern has it all!

To top it all off, I was such a dutiful seamstress on this dress!  My experience with rayon is that it frays like MAD, so after learning that the hard way on my first project, I’ve made sure to serge all of my raw edges since then.  I really wanted to see how using rayon seam binding compared to serging and I think I’m a fan!  I’m not sure it made enough of a difference to justify the extra work on *every* project, but it was easy to work with!  And as for using it to finish off the hem…. I’m a HUGE fan.  Love the way it finishes it off beautifully, love the way it lays so perfectly!
Since this is a 1940s dress, I had my usual dilemma about shoulder pads- to add them, or not??  I was totally committed and ready to do it, but for whatever reason they were looking horrible in this dress so I left them out.  I figured I’d wait until I did a photoshoot and could view it more objectively to see if they needed to be added.
However, now I can’t decide.  So, dear readers, help me out and give me your opinion!  Does this dress really need a little extra love in the shoulder area?  If so, what’s your favorite method for making shoulder pads?

Now enough of the nit-picking and onto the accessories!  This silk scarf came from a church sale a couple summers ago and while it’s not something I’d typically go for, I’m really happy I kept it!

I’m still looking for a really great statement necklace to complete this outfit, but I haven’t stumbled upon it yet… This is a great shot of the neckline though!  I’ve used this blouse pattern before (my gold dotty dress), and the ingenious sweetheart neckline still thrills me!


Earrings! Or at least clip-ons. 😉  Definitely an unusual look for me, but it did make me realize how much I love the look of earrings with turbans!  I’m hooked now, and my poor earlobes will just have to cope with the clip-on pain.  I’m way too much of a wimp to pierce my ears, so this is as good as it’ll get! 😉

For an entirely different look, I went with a pared-down styling of the dress.  The rayon fabric releases wrinkles and dries quickly, which it a great candidate for traveling.  I though I’d take a cue from that and style it with a casual resort vibe!

(Plus it’s just a fun excuse to pull out my round vintage sunglasses!)
· Photos by Kathryn! ·
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Butterick 5951 in Wool Crepe

I started sewing Butterick 5951 late in the winter of 2016 and before I knew it, the weather turned warm and spring was on the way.  Instead of completing this dress – I tucked it away, unfinished, in my cedar chest to deal with later. Later is now here; I just finished this dress andContinue reading

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Goodbye Gill’s

Last Sunday was a sad day in the Los Angeles history books, Gill’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream at Los Angeles’ Original Farmers Market closed up shop after 80 years scooping ice cream. I cannot lay claim to many fond memories spent at Gill’s, as I had only been there once, but I can still mourn […]

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A good basic set

In order to diversify my wardrobe by purchasing more separates, and to save money
and hone my skills by making more dresses myself, I’ve created a self-imposed dress-
buying ban for the year.

After a ridiculous bout of feeling like aninadequate seamstress, I sat down and worked on a skirt. A couple days after Dapper Day, I cut out a blouse. Last week, I did finishing bits on them.

I am in love with the skirt, it’s a good basic black skirt. The length is comfortable, and being a stretch cotton sateen, it’s actually very warm and cozy.

The blouse I have a love/hate relationship with, mostly due to the how sheer the fabric is. I need to strategically dress with it, so it becomes just another thing to think of when putting together an outfit. But, this is what happens when you fall in love with a color, and don’t check the fabric, haha! Lesson learned.

If you didn’t figure it out, I was having fun with a 40’s-style Hufflepuff student ensemble, haha.

I’m pretty sure I will get more wear out of the blouse in the warmer months, not a couple days after a huge rain storm.

Blouse Sewing Details

Fabric:  Yellow Cotton Fabric
Pattern: Hollywood Patterns 1573
Year: 1938
Notions: covered buttons, self made shoulder pads
How historically accurate is it? Very accurate!
Any tricky parts to the pattern? None, very straightforward
Did you change anything? Just added a monogram on the pocket
Time to complete: I don’t remember
First worn: 
Total cost:  Roughly $15 total

Notes:  I used my shoulder pad tutorial(and forgot to put them in for photos. Oops.). And I ran out of fabric, so I had to make the short sleeved version. 

Blouse- Self made
Skirt- Self made
Hufflepuff Pin- Gift from friend in the UK
Shoes- Thrifted
‘Wand’- Knitting needle
Scarf- WIP

Skirt Sewing Details

Fabric: Black Stretch Cotton Sateen
Pattern: Simplicity 3688
Year: 1940’s reissue
Notions: Covered button, bias tape
How historically accurate is it?  Pretty accurate, if we ignore it’s a stretch fabric in the skirt, haha
Any tricky parts to the pattern? None, it’s a very straightforward pattern.
Did you change anything? Nope!
Time to complete: Couple days
First worn: 
Total cost: About $22

Notes:  None

I had very few issues with either garment, which lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I felt terribly proud to put these darling labels in them. What’s that you say? Labels? Stay tuned, dear readers.

Have you felt extra proud after making such a basic garment?
Do you have issues with purchasing separates?
What is your Hogwarts House?

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A little WIP of a hat

So I bought a fancy planner and ignored it for almost three weeks. I felt a sense of overwhelming dread due to personal reasons, and other things in my life.A friend asked how my hat was going. My hat. That’s a simple nice not overwhelming project I ca…

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3 Kings Day Potluck

Over the weekend some friends and I had a potluck. We used El Dia de los Reyes (Three Kings Day – a day that many within our group actually celebrate) as an excuse for a belated holiday get-together, and opted for a more Latin American vibe, with a Rosca de Reyes and other festive Christmas and […]

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Winter/Spring 2017 wardrobe plans

TinyAngryCrafts, vintage patterns, vintage wardrobe, 1930s, 1940s

The last thing I sewed and loved was my graduation suit.
I was hit with a terrible sewing block. Some days I would start a project, and immediately hate the direction it was going in. Some days I would finish a project, only to find it didn’t fit, despite sewing with the pattern a couple of times. I doubted myself many many times. (Even to the point of screeching the ‘Years of Academy training, wasted’ line from Toy Story.)
After Dapper Day, I tried to make a wearable muslin from a new pattern I purchased. I loved it. I drafted a small pattern for tap pants, then sewed up a wearable muslin. I loved it. I made a basic black skirt, which I still have to hem. I love it. It fits.I’m happy.

I showed my mother and grandmother the wearable muslin, and they adored it, which gave me a huge confidence boost. I told my mom about my sewing block, and she gave me some motherly encouraging words and told me ‘go slow, baby’. I now put this on post-it notes, and place them on my sewing machine.

With this newly found confidence, I set on working on my Winter/Spring 2017 wardrobe.

Now, I put myself on a self-imposed dress buying ban. I get this weird mindset after I purchase dresses. “I need a certain outing to be at to wear it, otherwise it’s useless,” or some nonsense my brain makes up.
To counter that, I’ve been thrifting more separates, and have some patterns in place to sew some as well.
But, I can sew dresses. I usually have a certain idea when I sew a dress about where it will be worn. If I make some basic dresses, I will more than likely wear them more.

Here are the tentative ideas about what I intend to create this winter and spring.

TinyAngryCrafts, vintage patterns, vintage wardrobe, 1930s, 1940s
Some of the patterns I want to use, but didn’t photograph are:
VeraVenus’ Circular Knickers
Wearing History’s 1930’sstep-ins
OhhhLulu’s Jasmine Bra
Self-drafted hat patterns
Self-drafted skirts
I’m still unsure of the actual colors I’d like to use, but I know I want/have already created some things which are celadon green, so I can go from there. (grey, pink, navy blue?)
So, I think I have a nice little starter wardrobe which I can mix and match for these next few months. And I can work on new skills with making lingerie. Ya know, as one does.

Do any of you have wardrobe making plans?
Have you put yourself on any purchasing bans for certain items?
What are you most excited in seeing me create?
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A Stroll Down Mane Street

No, that’s not a typo, I really did mean “mane” like a horse’s mane, because today I’m sharing some images from one of my favorite high desert locations, Pioneertown, and it really is Mane Street there. Just after my family left from visiting for my grandmother’s services, Patrick’s mother came to visit for a week, […]

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Fall Dapper Day 2016

It’s been a good while since I attended a Dapper Day. Thanks to the extreme kindness of my friend Tony, I was able to attend two of the days of the weekend.First day I wore a cute patio set I got for a song at the Frock You Vintage sale. It was rather …

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Cool Yule

Last week Patrick and I blasted some Christmas tunes and decorated for Christmas. It takes a couple of days to get everything sorted and put up. Between last year and this, we acquired some more vintage Christmas decorations, including a vintage wall-hanging aluminum tree! As well as some more delightful vintage ceramic pieces that belonged to […]

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It’s still hard for me to believe it’s mid-November, and that Thanksgiving next week. And with that comes thoughts of Christmas, so over the weekend Patrick and I went out to do a bit of shopping at the antique malls near us. I can honestly tell you I’m clinging to fall color palettes like crazy. I […]

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Clifton’s Pacific Seas Bar

After much anticipation, Clifton’s (which I have blogged about on several previous occasions, including its grand re-opening, Thanksgiving, and the first Fur & Feathers in LA) finally opened the doors to the newest addition to its cabinet of curiosities, Pacific Seas, a tiki bar inspired by the first ever Clifton’s, under the same name. The Pacific Seas […]

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Dapper Cowgirl

With so many Halloween festivities, fall Dapper Day (an unofficial day at the Disneyland Resort when Guests are encouraged to “step out in style” for a day at the park) really snuck up on me and I honestly felt like I had nothing to wear. But when I noticed the temperatures were going to be on […]

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