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Try This: DIY Clear Makeup Bag 

We’re serious makeup addicts—the secret is out! There’s something about playing around with makeup that we find relaxing…

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Knit Layette Socks

Nothing is quite so cute as the teeny tininess of a newborn baby’s plump, little…

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Shiny + Matte Wrap in Pink Primrose

Opposites attract in this springtime Shiny + Matte Wrap! In a real Felix and Oscar…

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Wood Bead Teether DIY

We are squarely out of the baby phase, so I love that my brother isn’t done yet and I can dote on my nieces with cute baby stuff. This wood teether is my new go-to, favorite baby craft. Not only does it turn out simply gorgeous, but it’s really fun and really quick to make. I know you may be wondering about how safely the beads are tied together. I totally

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Crochet + Leather Bow Tie Tutorial

I love a good bow tie. Which is probably pretty obvious, considering I have no less than six posts related to them, not including this one. Ha! This one is my favorite one. I also have always loved this crocheted bow tie I made in the early days of this ole blog. Since it’s been about six years since I last shared it, I figured it was time for an updated

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Easy DIY Circle Tote

As an avid lover of circles (Yes—that’s a thing!), I’ve been really diggin’ the circle purse trend. After searching…

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Needlepointing a Wallet Tips

My current wallet has now given up the ghost (the clasp is broken). A couple of months ago I decided I would move to a needlepoint wallet but I have not started stitching it. Now I need to stitch quickly. I picked this paisley canvas from Associated Talents and have a dark grey wallet to […]

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Faux leather + Felt Anemone Tutorial and Cut Files

I’m really excited about today’s post because it’s about making one of my favorite spring flowers, anemones!… without all the cutting. If you’ve ever made felt flowers you know what I mean. There is soooo much cutting. Cutting easily takes twice as long as gluing the flower together. Technically, you still have to do some cutting, but I figured out how to get my Silhouette to do most of the work. I started

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Easter 2017

I love the tradition of new clothes at Easter. We don’t always get around to it for all the kids, but I try to make sure each child gets at least something new, whether it be an accessory, or a new piece that fits in with what they already have. This year’s Easter outfits are kind of a mixed bag of new and old. Ready made and handmade. Crocheted and

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Carrot Boutonnieres

One of my favorite Easter details is carrots. Which is kind of a random detail if you think about it…but I’m not complaining because they are so cute. Actually, I think we should highlight fruits and vegetables in more of our holidays, other than Halloween. Who’s with me? Anyway…back to Easter carrots. Ever since I saw this adorable carrot boutonniere pretty much all over Pinterest I have wanted to recreate it.

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DIY Star-embroidered sneakers//no-sew video

Inspiration taken from the runway….stars, stars, stars! Gold, silver, on your clothes and my favorite…. on sneakers! Famous Footwear is challenging everyone to stepforward by championing their confidence to be their best self. For me, everyday is a mini stepforward towards a career and being a better mother. Honestly, the second I hit 30, aka when

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Sew a Bunny Hat

Sew a bunny hat - such a cute gift to sew for a baby! Tutorial from Melly SewsHey y’all, welcome to a month of sewing for babies and mamas! Today we’re going to be sewing a bunny hat. And though I’m showing it on my new baby niece, this can be made in any size from newborn to adult. Isn’t she just the sweetest? I think this is a great stage of life Read the Rest…

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Monet Messenger Bag

This is the Monet Messenger Bag from Simple Way. I took the kit down to Brighton with me in December as a way to stay creative while Charlotte was recovering from surgery in hospital, and completed it over a couple of days. It was the perfect portable project – flat to pack (on the way there at least) and no sewing machine required!
Like the Heart Bag Kit I made in 2015 while Charlotte was recovering from another surgery, this one includes the bag pieces pre-cut and pre-punched too. It also comes with a special needle and thread, as well as an instruction booklet. The instructions are pretty basic, but for a project this ridiculously easy they’re fine.
I’m really fond of the scarlet colour and streamlined design, but I think the Monet Messenger could benefit from a couple more features. At just £8 cheaper than the Heart Bag Kit, I’d rather pay a bit more for a magnetic closure and inside pocket. 
The biggest disappointment with my second Simple Way transaction was the delivery. Charlotte paid extra for a speedy service because it was a last minute birthday present for me, yet the kit took ages to arrive. They did refund P&P posts for her though, which was good, but still a tad inconvenient at the time.
Also disappointing was the bizarrely uneven front piece, something I didn’t notice until I finished hand-stitching the bag. It caused the front flap to sit askew and really annoyed me that Charlotte had paid good money for a faulty kit. However, after much sulking, it was a very easy fix – I used a ruler to draw a level line across and just cut away the excess (seen below) with a pair of scissors.  

Saying all this, the quality of the leather is really good and hard-wearing if my Heart Bag is anything to go by. I really enjoyed making both bags as they’re satisfying projects which you can relax in front of the telly with and then enjoy donning daily.
Despite the hiccups we encountered with the Monet Messenger and the fact that the kits are pretty pricey,  I’d still love to try my hand at some more designs. I’m currently crushing on their satchels, the Cartridge Bag, the Toggle Bag and the Fox Handbag.
Have you tried a Simple Way kit before? What do you think?
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Stockinette Hand Warmers

Pared down, functional, and very good-looking, our Stockinette Hand Warmers are elegant in design and…

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Wired Bunny Ears Headband

If you have little girls, than you have headbands…and lots of them! One of my daughters will sit all day and let me style her hair, which makes me happier than a bird with a french fry. The other one though pitches an absolute fit if I even try to brush her hair. She simply […]

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Newsprint Cowl

You may think of stockinette as so basic it’s boring, but think again! Stockinette has…

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Crocheted Yarmulkes

These beautiful Crocheted Yarmulkes may make their debut at this year’s Passover seder, but they…

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DIY Patch Laptop Case

We’re back with another simple DIY project! We’ve been really into the patch trend lately. They’re showing up everywhere from denim jackets to purses. Patches are an easy way to make something generic into a custom piece that shows your personality. For this project, we decided to jazz up a plain laptop case. There are tons of solid computer cases out there just begging for some flair. The patches we…

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Broken Garter Scarf, Now in Wheat Flour

Back to basics! In “broken” columns of garter stitch, this single-row-repeat pattern creates a wonderfully…

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How to Make Felt Flowers

Just gorgeous! How to make a felt bouquet - felt flower tutorial by Melly SewsHey y’all – today I’ve got a round up of all the felt flowers I made, with details on supplies and links to the tutorials for each specific flower, so that you can make your own felt flower bouquet. And in case you’d rather download the petal shapes instead of eyeballing them from my images, Read the Rest…

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Learn to Knit Kit, New + Improved

Our new and improved Learn to Knit Kit makes your first foray into the world…

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How to Make a Felt Dahlia

How to make a felt dahlia - felt flower tutorial by Melly SewsHey y’all, it’s the today’s felt flower tutorial is a little different. Today I’m going to show you how I make a felt dahlia with a time lapse video. This whole flower is based on this tutorial, and you can go there to see the still images and instructions, but I thought the video version of flower Read the Rest…

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How to Make a Felt Chrysanthemum

Hey y’all, it’s the next in the felt flower tutorial series! Today I’m going to show you how I make a felt chrysanthemum. These are super easy to make and they can stand on their own or work as nice accent flowers. I’m busy making templates for my felt flowers, and when I get them done Read the Rest…

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Baubles & Beads

A few years ago, I made this dress.  I also made a matching velvet purse, but never got around to blogging about it.  Well, I am currently working with the scraps of the cherry silk/wool to make myself another dress, which reminded me of the …

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Favorite Purse with Stefanie Kamerman

Favorite Purse sewing pattern from Blank Slate Patterns sewn by Stefanie KamermanHowdy, y’all! Stefanie here again – with a modified Favorite Purse! Buy Favorite Purse If I could sum up my life’s current state, it would be this: My brain feels a lot like my sewing room at the moment. Cluttered, messy, and unorganized. Basically, it is all a hot mess. This season of life happens Read the Rest…

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How to Make a Felt Ranunculus

How to make a felt chrysanthemum - felt flower tutorial by Melly SewsHey y’all, today I’m sharing what is probably my favorite felt flower tutorial. I’m going to show you how I make a felt ranunculus. These are so fun because they are actually pretty fast to make for the payoff you get; I want to make an entire bouquet of just these. I’m busy making templates for Read the Rest…

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Leather Ear Bud Organizer

Anyone itching to get organized? To be real, I’ve been in purging mode since the NYE ball dropped, and I’m still not even close to being done. As a mom of three, I have to wonder if I will ever be done though. 😉 Amiright? These earbud wraps are a really simple, really fast DIY to give your self a little craft break to help keep your organizational mojo flowing.

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Sew an easy Valentine’s Day Tote (Custom)

  We are in the awesome stage of life when every child celebrates Valentine’s Day at school <3. Everyone gets a card, no child feels left out, and the classroom throws a party. I find it to be rather cute, as it helps children celebrate love in an innocent way – teaching them to be kind […]

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How to Make a Felt Peony

How to make a felt peony - felt flower tutorial by Melly SewsHey y’all, I’m back today with another felt flower tutorial. Today I’m going to show you how I make a felt peony. I’m busy making templates for my felt flowers, and when I get them done I’ll have those available for anyone who wants to buy them, and when that happens I’ll update this post Read the Rest…

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How to Make a Felt Rose Flower

How to make a felt rose - felt flower tutorial by Melly SewsLately I’ve been on a felt flower kick. It’s a fun excuse to add some florals to my studio that I don’t have to water, and it’s a nice crafty break from sewing while still getting to play with fabric. So I’m going to do a whole series this month on some of the different Read the Rest…

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