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Blast from the Past – Paisley Sateen Shirting – McCall 7575

Sometimes, the “ole school” in me comes shining through.  Even in my fabric picking.  Remember, way back in January when I came to New York to visit with my sewing friends.  Our first stop on our fabric shopping spree was at Mood.  …

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Pattern Review : Rebecca Page Madison Blouse

Pattern name: Rebecca Page Madison Blouse  (formerly Mummykins and Me Patterns) Size range (with measurements):  XXS – 5XL (Bust sizes 30 – 54, the 5XL for reference would be a size 3XL in target’s plus size brand Ava & Viv) What size did you make? I made the size 3XL What are your measurements, height, and body type? Bust…

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Bridget blouse and Alyse pants -Designer Stitch Patterns

This month Designer Stitch is celebrating its 1-year anniversary. I wanted to sew a DS pattern for this occasion and I ended up sewing 2. So happy anniversary Designer Stitch ( and congrats to Ann Grose the mastermind behind the patterns).

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Pattern Review: Scroop Ngaio Blouse

Scroop Patterns is one of the newer indie pattern companies. They are only a little more than a year old, but word on the blogoshere is owner Leimomi Oakes aka The Dreamstress really knows her stuff when it comes to pattern drafting. At the beginning of May Scroop released the Ngaio Blouse and I knew I…

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Pattern Review: In the Folds Collins Top

I’ve been eyeing In the Folds patterns for a while now. An indie out of Sydney (tehehe that has a nice ring to it), they’re the creators of the Rushcutter and the Acton dresses, as well as a line of free but straight-sized garments for Peppermint Magazine. I’m a fan of the all the paneling…

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Liberty blouse knock-off

I’ve been hoarding this piece of Liberty lawn for ages.  Since I didn’t have a set plan when I purchased it, the ideas of what I could sew with it have run the gamut: pajama bottoms, dirndl skirt, button down shirt…  However, browsing through the J. Crew website the other day, I found a blouse in the exact fabric, with a really cute and summery design.  Done!  Here’s the inspiration piece:

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Classic shirt -Liesl+co.

I can`t remember when I made my last shirt, must be a few years back  ( also a blue one 🙂 )  but I really wanted a new one. I have a few patterns in my stash ( actually a lot of them if I count also the Burda/Knipmode/Patrones magazines) but th…

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Summer tops

Last year I made this sleeveless blouse (scroll to the bottom of the post) from some fabric that was left over from this dressing gown.  Well, it turns out that I love this blouse, and have been wearing in the winter with a vest top underneath it….

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Pattern Review: McCall’s 7573

Hi there, I’m so excited to share with you McCalls 7573! This is the year of the sleeve, and I really love this sleeve! I’m channeling my inner Texan with the mix of boots and denim. I love this light weight gauze, it makes this top so feminine and cool. I was concerned that all the…

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Just So Much…

So much pink and so many ruffles…The back story.Hand-me-downs are no longer working so well for Liddy. She is as tall as her sisters but much slimmer through the hips and way broader through her back.Her style aesthetic is completely&n…

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Seventies Floral

Another new blouse, another new like!  I know lots of sewists have had success with Lekala patterns and I was tempted but unsure of how they would be on me.  I had some credits from a sewing competition prize a few years back and decided to give this pattern a try.  It’s only taken 3 … Continue reading “Seventies Floral”

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Blue Tropic

Making a start on delivering on my revised sewing plans for the last 1o days in March.  I might have been ever so slightly optimistic about what I’d get through when I changed tack in my last blog post, but we should always aim high… So of the 7 projects I had on the new … Continue reading “Blue Tropic”

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Draped silk blouse

I’m about halfway through my last semester at WVC and I am loving my draping class!  I’ve taken two flat pattern drafting courses, which were amazing too, but draping to create garment designs is just a whole different skill.   So much fun!

Since I work on a dress form that has a similar bust size as me, I can use certain class drapes as designs for myself.  Here’s the original drape from

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Pattern Review: Designer Stitch Kat Weekend Top

When I brought home a yard of a light blue cotton gauze, I knew I wanted to make a blouse with simple shape, no darts, and kimono sleeves. After ages of casually hunting for the right pattern, I stumbled upon the Designer Stitch Kat Weekend Top, and it ticked all my boxes: an “easy fit…

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A Lekala blouse

As some of you already thought, sewing is a bit low on the priority list at the moment. Which is bad, as I absolutely need new clothes. Yes, I know, there should be enough but I’m missing a few things to get good combinations.

A nice, easy to make pattern is helpful when time is an issue. I didn’t take the time to draft myself but bought a Lekala blouse pattern that I liked.

4619 line drawing

Their prices are low and for me their way of making a pattern seems to work. The winter coat was good (worn it very often) and this blouse is a good basic. Shoulder princess seams, shawl collar, clean lines.

I made it from fabric that was gifted to me by a sewing friend during our annual sewing retreat in Canterbury. She thought it was a “Sigrid” fabric and she was right. Said something along the same lines being “me fabric” in my previous post, think I’m quite predictable in what I like and what I don’t like. Good thing probably, though I’m looking for a bit more colour in my spring clothes.

This fabric has a graphic print with lines that are not continuous. I think it give a very nice effect to the blouse. I’m very pleased with the result.

Samira, thank you again!


4619 frontDSC_0392

4619 back

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Stretch lace tee tutorial

Did you ever consider that stretch lace could be used to sew up a simple tee shirt?  It just takes the right pattern and a few small sewing modifications!   Here, I’ve used this lovely stretch lace in “Naughty Navy”.

When choosing a pattern for a stretch lace tee, here are a few guidelines:

Keep the number of pattern pieces to a minimum–a style with just front, back and sleeve pieces will

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A good basic set

In order to diversify my wardrobe by purchasing more separates, and to save money
and hone my skills by making more dresses myself, I’ve created a self-imposed dress-
buying ban for the year.

After a ridiculous bout of feeling like aninadequate seamstress, I sat down and worked on a skirt. A couple days after Dapper Day, I cut out a blouse. Last week, I did finishing bits on them.

I am in love with the skirt, it’s a good basic black skirt. The length is comfortable, and being a stretch cotton sateen, it’s actually very warm and cozy.

The blouse I have a love/hate relationship with, mostly due to the how sheer the fabric is. I need to strategically dress with it, so it becomes just another thing to think of when putting together an outfit. But, this is what happens when you fall in love with a color, and don’t check the fabric, haha! Lesson learned.

If you didn’t figure it out, I was having fun with a 40’s-style Hufflepuff student ensemble, haha.

I’m pretty sure I will get more wear out of the blouse in the warmer months, not a couple days after a huge rain storm.

Blouse Sewing Details

Fabric:  Yellow Cotton Fabric
Pattern: Hollywood Patterns 1573
Year: 1938
Notions: covered buttons, self made shoulder pads
How historically accurate is it? Very accurate!
Any tricky parts to the pattern? None, very straightforward
Did you change anything? Just added a monogram on the pocket
Time to complete: I don’t remember
First worn: 
Total cost:  Roughly $15 total

Notes:  I used my shoulder pad tutorial(and forgot to put them in for photos. Oops.). And I ran out of fabric, so I had to make the short sleeved version. 

Blouse- Self made
Skirt- Self made
Hufflepuff Pin- Gift from friend in the UK
Shoes- Thrifted
‘Wand’- Knitting needle
Scarf- WIP

Skirt Sewing Details

Fabric: Black Stretch Cotton Sateen
Pattern: Simplicity 3688
Year: 1940’s reissue
Notions: Covered button, bias tape
How historically accurate is it?  Pretty accurate, if we ignore it’s a stretch fabric in the skirt, haha
Any tricky parts to the pattern? None, it’s a very straightforward pattern.
Did you change anything? Nope!
Time to complete: Couple days
First worn: 
Total cost: About $22

Notes:  None

I had very few issues with either garment, which lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. I felt terribly proud to put these darling labels in them. What’s that you say? Labels? Stay tuned, dear readers.

Have you felt extra proud after making such a basic garment?
Do you have issues with purchasing separates?
What is your Hogwarts House?

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Plaid wool voile top

For years, every time I went to my local fabric shop, I looked longingly at this vintage red plaid wool voile fabric (I think I’m the only person that buys anything in that part of the store, so stuff lasts a while!). Last week, I finally just bought it!  I’m not sure what drew me to this fabric–red is not a color I wear very often, but something grabbed me, so I finished the bolt with a bit

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Bridget top with mid spiral sleeve by Designer Stitch Patterns

This is my second Bridget Top, the newest pattern from Designer Stitch. The first one I made was with the split sleeves and as much I like that one, this one is really my favorite! I bought this fabric maybe a year ago with a top like this in my m…

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Bridget Top by Designer Stitch Patterns

I have so many pretty fabrics in my stash, just for this kind of tops and I do have a lot of patterns but still, everytime I want to have the perfect pattern for my precious fabrics ( not really precious in money but more as in "oh , I love you and I want the perfect match for you ") . 

This is the Bridget Top from Designer Stitch ch patterns . I applied to test this pattern because I love

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Ralph Lauren Blue Nights Stretch Denim In Body Hugging Ginger Jeans

What better way to show off your body hugging Ginger jeans than a day at the Art History Museum of Chicago to see the Mainbocher Exhibit.   The Haute Couture Club of Chicago field trip took place of December 4th where several club members showed o…

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Pattern Review: Schnittchen Michelle Blouse and Pattern Giveaway

If you follow a lot of sewing blogs, you’ve probably seen some of your fellow sewists making up patterns by the new-ish German pattern company Schnittchen. Until recently, Schnittchen’s size range topped out at a European size 46 (similar to a Burda size 46). However, now several of their patterns are available in a very…

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Pattern Review: Style Arc Elsie Overshirt

Hello CSC! For Shirtmaking Month, I’m reviewing an interesting shirt pattern that hasn’t seen too much action in the online sewing world, the Style Arc Elsie Woven Overshirt. Elsie is described by Style Arc as a “square shaped shirt… a must have shirt in your wardrobe for all seasons.” The Elsie has a reverse revere collar, patch…

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Soft Bisque Solid Viscose Jersey – Simplicity 8131

 Mood’s viscose jersey is so soft and comfy.  It feels like you are wearing pajamas.  This lovely fabric comes in five dreamy colors.  Something for every complexion.  I chose soft bisque; it’s a perfect neutral that can be pai…

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Better Than Leggings – Burda 6879 and Mood’s Beefy Sateen with Stretch

I consider myself one fortunate soul.  Each month I have an opportunity to select from a huge inventory of gorgeous fabrics at Moods online fabric store.  This month I’m pleased to showcase my second pair of Burda 6879 made with Mood’s Theory…

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A summer top

I saw this fabric for the first time at a fabric market in April and resisted buying it. When I saw it again at a fabric market two weeks ago I bit the bullet and bought it. Abstract print, summer colors, it was just the right fabric for a summer top. It’s a good quality cotton, though sheer, so a cami underneath is a must.
Told the story before, an essential box with sewing materials is in storage by accident. In this box are my sloper drafts too. Which meant that for this top I drafted the basic sloper again and relied on it to fit properly. Two things are not quite as they should be: the armhole is a bit too low for a sleeveless top and the width at hip height should have been a bit more. Nevertheless this top will get a lot of wear when summer decides to stop by in our neck of the woods. Not now in any case.

All seams were stitched as French seams, which is a beautiful finish for a sheer fabric like this.
My bust dart is very wide and that was sewn using the French seam technique too. It makes for a small dart as you can see in the picture above.
I won’t wear this top with the collar closed, but it gives you an impression of the fit. Quite pleased with that.I drafted it using Suzy Furrer’s technique as she explaines in her Craftsy class Collars and Closures, only less wide than she uses in her demonstration.

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And here it is: The blouse from this pattern from Bella magazine from 1952!When I asked, most commenters preferred this multicoloured, kind-of-ethnic print. Some of you thought this type of print was not very 1950’s but I think…

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Sneak peek

Obviously, this is not how you should see this blouse, but I thought it would be nice to give you a sneak peek anyway. This is the blouse from Bella magazine, made using the pattern I showed here last week. I just followed the instructions and I a…

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Pattern Review: Colette Jasmine Blouse

The Colette Jasmine blouse is beginner-rated pattern. It’s a lovely, figure-skimming top with no closures, due to the flattering bias cut. This blouse is shaped with bust darts and center seams that gently hug the body. Version 1 has a long collar that can be tied in a bow and elbow length sleeves gathered to…

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Kayla’s Christmas Present

Hello! This is the last Christmas Present post!  I swear!  This shirt I made for my sister Kayla. I LOVE THIS FABRIC AND SO DOES SHE!  I again got it from Denver Fabrics.  I used two different fabrics, one for the collar and the other for the main shirt. I made this shirt about 3”…

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