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A ‘Continental’ Bra Making with Madalynne Workshop

Excuse me while I step onto my soapbox… Last Saturday was the 16th Bra Making with Madalynne workshop. Sixteen, woot woot! It was a ‘Continental’ Class with folks traveling from Virginia, Florida, Texas and California to attend. I’m blushing 🙂 Stepping off my soap box now… At the beginning of the day, students are usually quiet.

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Fusions by Art Gallery Fabrics // Boho Stacked Quilt

Hi friends, I am excited to share with you my most recent finish – the Boho Stacked Quilt! My friend Mathew – or as some of you know him Mister Domestic – asked if I would like to join in […]

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After too many years to count of speedy sewing, trying to get things done quickly, I have become enamored of slow sewing. Why? For one thing, I don’t really need many clothes…I have so much and lead a fairly quiet life (Clothes-wise). For a…

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Or – to add another acronym to the lexicon of sewing terms – Abandoned Un-Finished Object. I’m giving you the punchline at the beginning here. You know when all of a sudden and out of the blue you need an item … Continue reading

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Banana or Primrose?

The other day a very good friend and I were poking about the posh shops in Holywood (NI not US) and we had a short conversation as we perused the rails: ME: “I’m going to make a pair of yellow jeans.” … Continue reading

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Half a-Cold Shoulder

Like many of you when Vogue bring out their new season’s patterns coupled with a 4 day sale at $4.99 each  (cheaper if you’re in BMV Club) I just have to take advantage. My problem is that I buy the … Continue reading

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I have been a busy bee with family and friends, food, deconstruction and sewing.

Here is my new Koos jacket, V1277

I was inspired by my dear Paris traveling companion, Ruth, who was wearing this magnificent jacket the day I met her…

I used only stash fabrics for this, sticking to black, gray and silver
(in great number in my fabrics).  The primary fabric, a black and gray parallelogram taffeta, was from Marcy Tilton

 as were the rest of the fabrics.  I was able to use a fun silver trim from Paris for the bias sleeve seam.

Here it is on Ethyl, my dress form , where you can get a better idea of the fabrics I chose.

This was one of the more time-consuming projects I’ve taken on recently, due to the piecing, and to the making and applying of miles and miles of striped silk bias tape, but I enjoyed it, slowing down and listening to my Audible books. I listened to LaRose, by Louise Erdrich, and the first three of the Tana French Dublin Murder Squad books, In the Woods, The Likeness and Faithful Place…loved them all! I’m on #4 now.

Despite all the work involved, I enjoyed it so much that I am working on ANOTHER Koos jacket, a different pattern, which I will show you next time.

The weather here has been all over the map, and one morning recently, I went back in the house for another layer…and found a coat I had bought in Paris, had
put in my coat closet, and FORGOT ABOUT!!! I’m afraid that may be a sign that
I have too many clothes😜. Here is the coat:

It’s by Lauren Vidal. It was in the window of the LV store which Shams and I passed on the way to a fabric store with the group. When we were finished, we whipped back to the store and I bought the coat immediately. It is gray felted wool with an irregular black splotchy design. The inside is quilted silk, and it is piped with silver leather. YUM!

It’s hard to believe I forgot about it, and I will be building my wardrobe for an upcoming trip to London and Scotland around this coat.

Maggie and David came up for a few days last week, and were joined by some friends of theirs from Las Vegas. There was the usual amount of companionable cooking in the kitchen…

This was a tasty barley and vegetable bowl, topped by expertly poached eggs
by Maggie.

THIS gorgeous arrangement was a surprise from SIL David. Among the orchids and roses are half a dozen highly fragrant lilies…Over a week later, they are still perfuming the dining room! Thanks, David! You know how to impress your MIL!!!

We enjoyed their visit…we took a picnic lunch up the mountain one day, flew their friends’s drone.

The deconstuction I mentioned is the frightening amount of work we are having done for a serious termite infestation. Among other things, our very large deck has to be replaced, and while they were working, they found some dry rot…

It actually makes a lovely abstract painting, but it has to be repaired…😟

I was honored to be the subject of an article in our local paper recently…

Here’s a link to a readable page if you’re so inclined…it’s on page 14.

Our Teddy boy is doing well; he’s learning some new hand signals and goes to
doggy day care twice a week; he comes home EXHAUSTED from playing with the big guys, which is such a help!

Then he goes to sleep…

One last picture before I go to roast a chicken for dinner…

Dave came in from collecting the eggs the other afternoon and showed me this…it must be a first attempt by one of our new hens. Back to the drawing board, Henny-Penny!

I am traveling over to Patti’s Visible Monday today…come admire the Visible


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A Breton Top and a Danish adventure with Stoff & Stil

Like the Nancy Dress I just posted, this top has become another wardrobe favourite. It came as a bit of a surprise to me as this drop shouldered, loose fit isn’t one I naturally gravitate towards. I had in my head that this shape probably wouldn’t be a…

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Tea Towel Feature! + Etsy Shop Update

In 2015 and 2016, I made some cotton/linen tea towels for my December Open House. They featured fabric designs of my very own. An Editor – Marykate Despres – from Edible Pioneer Valley Magazine came to the Open House. Through that contact, I am thrille…

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I didn’t really plan to take a break…I’ve been dealing with a health issue and a few other inconveniences, then I began a BIG studio clean out and finally got back my sewing mojo…so here I am!I tried out Sandra Betzina’s new jacket/vest pattern, V1…

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Tilly and the Buttons Rosa dress

Hiya. I’m aware that this is the third post in a row about a TATB pattern, but what can I say? I dig her style, even though her patterns don’t always work out for me (Francoise and Bettine, I’m looking at you).  The Rosa pattern was a gift from my sister-in-law for Christmas, and the […]

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Once a Junker, Always a Junker

The winds in Chicago were so strong last night. At one point I thought I just might get blown away and meet the Wizard of Oz!!! I hope that all of you who drop by had an uneventful night as I heard this morning that there were a number of tornadoes acr…

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Every Quilt I’ve ever Made

Firstly, that title sounds like I’ve been making quilts for 100 years – I haven’t. It’s been two years. Secondly,within 10 minutes of starting to patchwork and quilt I started to gather and collect all my scraps of fabric from … Continue reading

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How to Buy Quilting Fabric Wholesale

Last week I got an email from a blog reader named Heather who asked: For many years I have wanted to start my own craft business (specifically sewn goods), however as I have been thinking through what goes into producing each item I’ve come to the conclusion that purchasing fabric wholesale would be the only… 

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Sewing the 70s Today

Thank you very very much for all the lovely comments on my Sewing the 70s dress. It was wonderful to hear that so many of you had made this dress first time around and even more wonderful that you are … Continue reading

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Geogram Fabric Blog Hop

Hi friends! Today I am sharing a couple of new projects from Samarra Khaja’s line for Lecien Fabrics – Geogram. I say new projects because you might remember seeing a Range quilt I created this summer using some warmer toned […]

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Teal Box-Pleat Skirt

These box pleat skirts are seriously my favorites.  I will be making a tutorial soon.  I just need to find another fabric perfect for one. The fabric is a brocade that I used a while ago when I made a pencil-dress.  The best part about this skirt is that, like Sam’s, IT HAS POCKETS!  You…

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New Quilt, another WIP

Hi friends, I usually share my progress over on Instagram but thought some of you who just visit the blog might like to see what I have been working on this week! For the most part I have been prepping […]

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Concert Dress Refashion

This was my high school concert band dress.  I loved this thing, but ever since high school I have only worn it once and that was in college when I was stuck in the basic concert band for a semester instead of my Major which was jazz.  This dress has soo many amazing memories and…

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What I Made: Taryn

I first saw and fell in love with mono wire bras last May when I co-hosted a Bra Making with Madalynne workshop with The New Craft House in London. The timing was really fortuitous. When I was visiting, there was a lingerie exhibit at The V&A, Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear. Truly amazing. I was on

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First Fabric Haul of 2017

Readers, it’s been a while since I’ve shared a fabric shopping haul with you.Part of the reason is that lately I’ve been putting more energy into culling my fabric stash than growing it — Marie Kondo and all that.  But I have plans for some excit…

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I carved out some studio time over the last two weeks and worked on this;I returned to V1510, Sandra Betzina’s vest pattern from last fall. I have been holding on to this verrrrry interesting fabric from EOS which I got a long time ago. It’s a med…

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Sam’s Coral Skirt!

Everyone meet Sam!  She is my first friend that I made when we moved out to New Jersey last year.  We worked together and she really loved some of my clothes, so for Christmas I decided to make her a custom-one-of-a-kind skirt! The fabric is from mood, it is a coral quilted cotton. I made…

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Grey Puppy Kennel Covers

My puppy sitter is the best ever! She takes care of our pups and they love her, so do we.  I made her kennel covers a couple months ago, and she needed some more!  If you live in the south Jersey area near Mt. Laurel you can check out her info HERE and HERE. Above…

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New York, New York!

By now, many of you know that I was in  New York to meet up with a few of my east coast friends.  Carolyn posted about our meet up and shopping day last week. I had a great weekend, but a few days later I came down with a very bad head cold. …

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Sewing the Genuine 70s

A quick look on ebay, few clicks later and I bought a real life vintage 1970s dress pattern – Simplicity 5728 printed in 1973. I won’t do a full pattern review because most (if not all) of you will never … Continue reading

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Blue Window Dress

This year has started out with a full on sprint.  Trey and I are moving to a 2-bedroom apartment in March where I will take over the second bedroom and make it a sewing room.  (It will also be a Study with a couch and our 4 bookshelves… but I GET MY OWN LITTLE STUDIO!!!)…

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Sewing the 70s

When the 1970s started I was seven; when they finished I was 17. The world was going to hell in a handcart (not much changed there then) but they were the very best years of my life (so far)….. I began … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!Here we are, 9:00 pm on New Year’s Eve, in a motel room in Pella, Iowa,drinking champagne out of plastic glasses to toast the coming year. We were probably asleep by 10…such an exciting life!We were in Pella for our eldest grandson’s w…

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Another African Print Project

Readers, what would you make out of six yards of this African wax print?I’m figuring that out right now: this is unofficially African print month on the Mood Sewing Network (unofficially because not everyone is participating).  I opted in and yest…

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