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HI DARLINGS! First of all thank you so much for all the birthday wishes I received yesterday, it was truly amazing. I had such a great time and I am feeling it today, lol. On top of having a great birthday weekend at the Bruno Mars concert, a tour of Alcatraz and then dinner with […]

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A 1930’s Floral Caped Dress

Hello lovelies! I am thrilled to share this dress with you that I made to wear to the Gatsby Summer Afternoon this year.  This is actually the first 1930’s dress that I’ve made!  I did make a 1930’s skirt two years ago, but that’s it for my 30’s sewing.  It seems quite odd that I’ve […]

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HI DARLINGS! I couldn’t wait to wear this skirt. We featured this M7606 skirt in the July/August issue of SEW SEW DEF and I knew I had to make it asap. I love a great wrap skirt and I love ruffles! I also had this really great velvet cami I picked up H&M this summer […]

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Free Project – Shabby Chic Floral Photography Printable Bookmarks

Free Project – Shabby Chic Floral Photography Printable Bookmarks

PATTERN DETAILS Cherry Blossom Photography Collection. Shabby Chic Cherry Blossom Photography Printable Bookmarks 2 – Deddington, Oxfordshire, UK. DESCRIPTION: Instant Digital Download of 1 x ZIP File, containing 1 x JPG File. 4 x Cherry Blossom Photography Printable Bookmarks. Sizing: 2″ x 7″ – four images per A4 page. Resolution: 300 dpi. INSTRUCTIONS:

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Bold Floral Are Always In Order – New Look 6184

There is nothing like a bold floral print.  Perfect complement to a fit and flare silhouette.  Summer time is a great time to show off a pretty floral dress.  In summer I want to look my best and be as comfortable as possible. &nbsp…

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Rhapsody in Blue

Here is the finished dress – finally!I was so enamored of the Butterick 6413 bodice, I decided that I needed to make a second version of the dress, this time with a circle skirt.One floral fabric design later, with some digital printing help from …

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Free Embroidery Design – Number 3

Free Embroidery Design – Number 3

Number 3 Design #: 961900 Size (in): 2.28″(w) x 2.99″(h) Size (mm): 58 x 76 Stitches: 5400 Colors: 10 Color Chart: View | Print $1.97  FREE Free Today Only Download Now

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Free Embroidery Design – Letter B

Free Embroidery Design – Letter B

Letter B Design #: 821525 Size (in): 2.36″(w) x 3.15″(h) Size (mm): 60 x 80 Stitches: 5300 Colors: 6 Color Chart: View | Print $1.00  FREE Free Today Only Download Now

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HI DARLINGS! Okay I already know you guys are gonna ask me about what pattern i used how I made it etc. but I don’t have anything to show you because I used a vintage jumpsuit I found at the secondhand store and created a pattern. I posted it about it on INSTAGRAM a few […]

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Foxglove Fabric Showcase

Hi friends, I have been an Aneela Hoey fan from the very start of my sewing days – Little Apples, Cherry Christmas, A Walk in the Woods, Sherbet Pips… I mean, I would stalk the online fabric stores just waiting […]

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flower bomb

Well hello there everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great April! Around here we’ve been truly living up to the old saying “April showers bring May flowers”. Well, at least the bit about the showers. The flowers we get all year round. In other words, it’…

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HI DARLINGS! I am so excited to finally hare my NEW SUMMER PATTERNS for SIMPLICITY! Today I am sharing this amazing dress pattern and on Wednesday I will post the SECOND DESIGN from my summer collection. They start hitting stores mid April so keep your eyes peeled. I LOVE my summer patterns so much and although I made it in stretch […]

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My Bedtime “ME TIME” Routine

Hi Darlings! I know that as women and moms we often forget to STOP, breath and enjoy some alone time but we need it! It keeps our minds and bodies balanced so I try my best to set aside time for myself. I have been using Honest Co. products from some time now and I […]

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Springtime Blossoms

Spring has definitely arrived around these parts.  I am slightly obsessed with this magnolia tree that lives about a half a block away from me – she looks especially beautiful this time of year.And just as all the trees begin to bloom, I become ob…

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Oh go on then! I’ll have a floral Linden this time….

Oh people I have had some mega sewing going on this last week, but because I was also hugely busy work wise I am a bit behind with my writing – & I have so much to write about!   I have to start with the simplest as some downtime calls (& I’m watching something with subtitles […]

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Pacific Leggings- floral leggings take 2

Happy Friday everyone!  For anyone who has been following me on Instagram – (thanks new phone ) – you will have seen a few details of my floral leggings.   These are the Pacific Leggings by Sewaholic which I purchased a bit ago, intrigued by the added details from your standard leggings – a crotch piece (behave!) […]

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Grainline Archer // vintage sheet shirt

So, I loved Miss Seven’s vintage sheet shirt so much that I just had to make my own. Here it is. My Grainline Archer has been modified to accommodate my standard broad back/long arm/height requirements. I also added a classic, tailored sleeve placket, and two fish eye darts in the back.    

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Wrap skirt // stashbust

I had a little bit of wool fabric and lining leftover after the making of Miss Seven’s tailored coat. It was precisely the right amount for ladies skirt. Fancy that. My original plan was to make a simple, straight skirt using my own skirt sloper. However, when I laid out the wool, it was a lot wider than I remembered and it suddenly seemed a shame to limit myself to a pencil skirt when there was clearly more fabric I could work with. Starting with a basic pencil shape, I left the back skirt piece unchanged. I then traced the front skirt piece in full, mirroring the pieces as if to avoid cutting on the fold. In the diagram below, the grey shaded pattern is my altered front piece. I extended the waist along the existing pattern line and shortened the hem width a little. I then simply connected these points with a diagonal line. It was very important to identify and mark the CF point. This was a perfectly fitted skirt pattern and those CF points needed to match up when …

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Vintage McCall’s 6497 // A shirt for Miss Seven

My original plan was to make Miss Seven a pair of pink cigarette pants to go with her new coat. However, I fell in love with every view on the front of this pattern cover and I thought I’d try out the shirt first. I used more of my vintage sheet set to make this shirt. The print looks so lovely in a shirt that I’m planning to make myself one now too. The pattern went together beautifully. My only complaint was to do with the sleeve cap ease, but I find excessive sleeve cap ease a fairly common feature of old patterns. Next time I’ll shave some height of the sleeve cap so it can be set in a lot easier. I made this pattern up in a size 8, which corresponded quite well with Miss Seven and a half’s chest measurement. I expected it to be a little bigger on her than it is though. However, it would stand to reason that she has lovely broad shoulders like her mother. The torso fit is lovely and it looks comfortable. I …

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A very simple top in THE fabric of the month

I’ve had this gorgeous fabric languishing in my stash for nearly two years. I don’t use a lot of floral and I rarely have the occasion to justify sewing with silk charmeuse. Even so, this one stopped me in my tracks and I had to have at least a little bit of it. I went home with a little over 1m. In retrospect, I wish I’d purchased more. It would have been the perfect silk to use for my bias cut dress. I was just waiting for the right idea to come along. I should thank from Melanie from Poppykettle and Rachel from Boo Dog and Me for inspiring me with their beautiful Frocktail tops. In particular, I liked the idea of pairing such a delicate floral print with leather. The design is a loosely fitted shell top with straight side seams and bust darts for a little shape. I hand-stitched the binding and hem down. I felt like this fabric deserved it. I also tried to achieve a length that would suit wearing it out loose or tucked in. I’m very happy with how it worked out, but next time I …

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Back to School // Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress

This dress was a last minute back to school wardrobe top up for Miss Seven. It’s one of her favourite styles of dress during Summer, and the simplicity of the design also makes it a perfect little school frock.  It is the third one I’ve made for her. For this version, I made a size 7, but lengthened the dress by omitting the double hem construction. This resulted in a lengthened bottom band which I machine blind hemmed in place. I think I may have forgotten to switch the iron on when I pressed the bottom band! I do that sometimes and wonder why the iron isn’t working. The crease you see is where I’ve blind stitched the hem. I also omitted the front pockets. I used beautiful Italian cotton shirting scraps for the top and bottom panels of the dress. Both fabrics were leftover from sewing her father’s business shirts. The mid section of the dress is from a vintage pillowcase I picked up at an estate sale recently. I love the combination of prints and colours, and I especially love that I was able to use …

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Vogue 1395 – Breezy Rebecca Taylor Summer Dress

Bold and beautiful Anna Sui silk voile, a pale soft yellow topped with bold vibrant sunflowers on flocked dots, little texture.  This fabric is extremely breathable. As stated in my previous post about this dress, my confidence was boosted af…

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McCalls 5870 // A tailored coat for Miss Seven

I had a very specific idea in mind when I started planning for this coat. I wanted to make Miss Seven a nice Winter coat that she could wear out for special occasions. She’s old enough now to have a few special items in her wardrobe and I’m hoping this will also help educate her on how to appreciate, respect, and treat special garments. The outer fabric of the coat is a woven wool blend. It is extremely beautiful in real life. It has a nice, coat-worthy weight, with little threads of gold and tan woven through it. Both sides of the fabric are useable, with the rose and background colours simply reversed on the underside. I thought about incorporating both sides of the fabric into this coat. I also though about keeping this coating fabric entirely for myself. It’s probably not the best choice of fabric for a child. The weave is not exceptionally tight, but it is still quite stable. I suspect it may get a few snags during it’s lifetime, but the slightly motley mix of threads through the weave is forgiving enough to disguise any repairs that …

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Notes on a Pattern – Vogue 1395

  Vogue 1395 is an easy summer dress designed by Rebecca Taylor. It was published in 2014 and since that time several sewing bloggers have made it. To name a few: Lauren has made it three times and Andrea made it a few months ago. Based on the …

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Watercolor Floral – New Look 6322

It’s clear that I love floral prints.  In recent months I’ve ordered several yardages of bright, bold floral prints.  My favorite, so far, for 2015 is Mood multi- color watercolor cotton sateen.  (Too bad it’s already sold out.)  Th…

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Summer Sewing Project #2: The Bleuet Dress

Summer sewing project number two is done! It’s the Bleuet Dress by Deer & Doe, part of my summer sewing plan. (Here is number one if you missed it – a short and sweet A-line miniskirt using fabric I bought on holidays.) I used a stretch cotton poplin from Telio with a tiny floral print. The photo […]

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Embroidered organza shift with sleeves

I decided to make a birthday dress for myself this year.  The fabric was purchased for me as a birthday present last year when my husband was on a business trip to NY. He chose it himself which impresses me to no end. At a glance, it’s gorgeous. In real life, it’s a fabric I wouldn’t  have checked out myself. I would have taken one look at the label and put it back on the shelf. And I would have missed out on a lot of fun. My friends, this delicious embroidered organza is pure, flammable polyester. I suspected as much, but was hoping for a miracle. A burn test outed this beauty. The fibres melted rather than burned. Further confirmation was delivered by an IG buddy who recognised the fabric and remembered its content. Silk organza would have made this dress an enduring beauty. Polyester organza means this fabric does not breathe. It is stiff, scratchy, and uncomfortably hot. I can deal with the comfort issues by moving the dress into my Winter wardrobe. I think it would look …

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Happy on a Bed of Roses – Sew Over It – Vintage Shirt Dress

Hey Guys and Gals,

Well I know FOR SURE this dress must have popping up at some point on your feed today, but I thought I’d poke my head into the circle and show you mine too!

If you haven’t been reading your feed today, this is the latest pattern release from the girls over at Sew Over It, The Vintage Shirt Dress. I have been eyeing this dress up since last Summer, when I saw the shop sample of this dress on a mannequin in the corner. Of course it started it’s life as a class at Sew Over It, which of course they still run (Lisa is actually wearing the sample on the class page!). I knew it was going to be a pattern eventually so I had to bide my time! Although the girls have produced a sleeveless version for the pattern release which I’m so happy about.

I helped the girls by testing the pattern a couple of months ago, and I got this lovely blue floral cotton to whip it up. Unfortunately, I think they kept me the last scrap, but there’s definitely lots and lots of beautiful stuff in their shop, and I sure as hell had a hard time choosing! I think I would also have loved one of the blossom prints that Lisa used for a Betty recently. You know I love a blossom (seen as my leg is painted in them!).

I didn’t attempt any pattern matching, I don’t think it’s worth it for a print like this! In terms of the pattern, you know I like my skirts long (and if you remember I did that massive hem) so I think I added a lot of length. But that’s the easiest adjustment in the world so there were no problems there.

I wore this first to the Imperial War Museum for the Fashion on the Ration exhibition (where apparently Amy (AlmondRock) wanted to rip it off my back haha).

I don’t know that I followed the button placement, to be honest I did them all on the morning of the exibition so I did what looked right for me. It was my first time doing them on my machine – the buttons I mean! But I didn’t have the right foot, and I made the rookie mistake of not leaving long tails to secure them. I’ve caught a few falling off since, lol! How and ever, I did really enjoy doing them on the machine, so I’m definitely going to do it again in the future. Just properly next time.

I’m really proud of my armholes. I used my new edgestitch foot and they turned out beautiful! One side didn’t even get those weird ripples you sometimes get with bound armholes!! The other did though – no cooperation.

The dress is super comfy. Next time I might give myself a smidge more in the bust. ASIDE: if you worked with me, you would know that I completely overuse the word ‘smidge’. It’s quite funny, we all have our own catchphrases at work. I know it’s a word and not a phrase, but that is definitely one of mine!

I’m actually really proud of how my collar and lapel turned out. I was really lacking in confidence that I could achieve a good result, but I did! I’ve begun to think collars are my nemesis but I took my time over it and it worked out well. There was something else that worked out particularly well that came to me in a sewing epiphany – I’ll share that with you guys later in the week!

My skirt is almost the complete fullness. My fabric was a little on the narrow side (and of course making it longer made the flare wider) so I needed to compromise a smidge (there! see!).

I feel like I might want one more button. I ended up putting an extra one on while I was wearing it the first morning haha. Talk about cutting corners.

I seem to have accessories coming and going in these photos, but in the one above I’m wearing one of the brooches I’ve been playing around at making 🙂 Although it hasn’t completely sated my love of buying… there’s a camp, glittery crocodile winging it’s way to me as we speak. MMMMMM GLITTER…. Speaking of glitter, I have spent approximately £25 this week on glitter. Clearly I don’t have a car, mortgage or children. Whoops.

Last but not least, if you got this far , I have a few surprises to end this post!

The lovely girls at Sew Over It have offered my a free pattern to offer to one of you lovely readers! To be in with a chance to get a free copy, all you have to do is leave a comment before Saturday 6th June at Midnight GMT. That gives you a few days! If you want to comment but don’t want to be entered, let me know!

Oh and if you’re not lucky, you can get the pattern for 20% off with the code EMMIE20VSD in the Sew Over it Shop for the next week, until Midnight next Wednesday the 10th 🙂 My first code, how awesome!

I think there are a few other surprises coming from the girls later in the week, so look out for those too!

So what do you guys think? Anyone got the itch to get this under their needle?
Also, Marilla said that the cover art looks like Lisa and I! 
How flattering 😉
Emmie xx
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Maxi Flora Dress

I’m coming back today after such a long absence on the blog with a beautiful dress I made last week. At least, you didn’t wait 2 month for a plain tank top 😉

Last Saturday, I was attending my cousin’s wedding in France and I needed a dress. I could have reused the pink Cami from last year but as next Saturday I’ll also attend another wedding where the guests already saw the Cami, well… you understand! I HAD to make a new dress for these two weddings.

I bought the beautiful Flora dress pattern by By Hand London and I hope I’ll have time to try the faux wrap bodice as well. The PDF is really easy to put together (they didn’t have the printed version available, I was too late to grab it before it went out of stock) and the instructions clear to understand. Sizing is good, the only problem I had was entirely my fault: I was afraid it would be too tight if I were to choose the size 8 as according to my measurements (the finished measurements were very close) so I cut size 10. Of course, it was too big and I had to take the bodice in at side seams, easily done. So next time, I’ll be a good girl and follow the chart!
As both weddings were/are during the evening, I wanted to make a full-length version. I just lengthened the skirt following the side seams lines. Luckily, I had a beautiful fabric in my stash for some years now and lots of it. Placing the pattern pieces crosswise on the fabric, I was able to draw the skirt pieces adding about 50 cm to the bottom. At the end, I think I needed at least 3 meters of fabric in 150 cm wide (I had 4 m and still have left enough for a small project).
The shape of the skirt with the pleats is divine, it gives volume and looks really elegant. I chose the low/high hemline, something I don’t usually like, but here I find the difference is very subtile and adds originality and modernity to the dress. As for the bodice, I chose the high square neckline and just took about 5 cm off at the back: the fit is great. I didn’t change anything except for the length.
I’m sooo looking forward to wear my Flora dress next Saturday!


Vuelvo hoy con un vestido un tanto espectacular… por lo menos, no os hago esperar 2 meses para enseñaros un top sencillo, jeje…

Es sábado pasado era la boda de mi prima en Francia y por supuesto, necesitaba un vestido. Podría haber vestido de nuevo el vestido Cami rosa del año pasado pero como el próximo sábado me voy de boda otra vez y la gente de esta boda si que había visto el Camí… pues lo entendéis, ¿no? TENIA que hacerme un nuevo vestido para estas dos bodas 😉
Compré el patrón del vestido Flora, de By Hand London, espero que tendré tiempo la otra versión también (con el corpiño cruzado). El PDF es fácil de ensamblar y las instrucciones super claras. El único fallo ha sido mio: tenía miedo que la talla 8 iba a ser demasiado apretada y corté la 10. Al final, tuve que quitar unos centimetros de cada lado, menos mal que era fácil de solucionar. ¡La próxima vez, seré una chica buena y me fiaré de la tabla de medidas! Por eso está aquí…
Las dos bodas son/eran de tarde así que quería ir de largo. Lo que he hecho fue sencillamente de seguir las líneas de la falda. ¡Cuidado! ¡Que para hacer esta variación, hace falta un mogollón de tela! Tenía esta guardada desde hace 2 años, de las rebajas del Julián López, y medía 4 m x 1,5 m. Me queda un poco, suficiente para hacer un proyecto pequeño, pero he usado por lo menos 3 metros en doble ancho.
Me encanta la forma de la falda con los pliegues, le da mucho volumen. Aunque no me suele gustar esta forma de dobladillo alto/corto, allí me parecía sútil y creo que le da un toque un poco más moderno al vestido. Para el corpiño, he elegido la versión con tirantes y cuello cuadrado alto (lo he bajado de unos 5 cm en la espalda). Está perfectamente ajustado con las pinzas. Lo único que cambié fue el largo de la falda.
¡Ahora tengo unas ganas de volver a vestirlo el fin de próximo, no os cuento!


Je reviens aujourd’hui sur le blog – et après une longue absence – avec une jolie robe que j’ai cousue la semaine dernière. Au moins vous n’avez pas attendu 2 mois pour voir un tee-shirt blanc!

Samedi dernier, j’étais au mariage de ma cousine en France et j’avais donc “besoin” d’une robe. Il est vrai que j’aurais pu réutiliser ma Camí rose de l’année dernière mais comme samedi prochain j’ai un autre mariage où la plupart des invités l’ont déjà vu … l’occasion de coudre une nouvelle robe était trop belle pour ne pas la saisir!
J’ai acheté le patron de la robe Flora de By Hand London et j’espère que j’aurais le temps de tester aussi la version cache-coeur. Le PDF s’assemble facilement (il n’y a plus de version papier disponible, elle est épuisée et je n’ai pas été assez rapide pour l’acheter) et les instructions faciles à comprendre. Au niveau des tailles, un seul problème, mais de ma faute! J’avais peur d’être trop serrée (il y a peu d’aisance quand on lit le tableau des mesures finies) alors même si j’aurais dû choisir la taille 8 selon mes mensurations j’ai découpé la 10. Evidemment c’était trop grand et il a fallu reprendre les côtés … la prochaine fois je serai une gentille fille et je suivrai le tableau des tailles, c’est promis!
Comme les deux mariages se déroulent l’après-midi, je voulais une robe longue. J’ai donc simplement rallongé la jupe de la flora en prolongeant les traits correspondants aux coutures côté de la jupe: En tout j’ai dû rajouter environ 50cm de longueur à la robe ! Heureusement j’avais ce joli tissu en stock depuis quelques années (hum) et en quantité. Sur les 4 mètres que je devais avoir (en 150cm), j’ai dû en utiliser 3 puisqu’il m’en reste assez pour coudre un petit quelque chose. Pour pouvoir caser toutes mes pièces de jupe, j’ai découpé mon tissu dasn le sens du fil de trame au lieu du fil de chaîne. Donc ci cette variation vous tente, prévoyez assez de tissu!
La forme de la jupe est très gracieuse, apporte du volume tout en restant élégante (j’ai l’impression d’aller à l’opéra !!). J’ai également choisi de garder l’effet “plus court devant” même si d’habitude ce n’est pas spécialement mon truc. Ici je trouve que finalement ça passe bien, c’est assez subtil comme différence, ça permet de donner un air plus moderne à la robe… et puis de montrer mes chaussures en parfait raccord couleur !
Pour le corsage j’ai utilisé le décolleté carré en lui enlevant 5cm au dos en hauteur et le seyant est parfait, je n’ai rien changé d’autre.
J’ai trop hâte de la porter à nouveau samedi!


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A little dress refashioned

What do you do when a pretty little dress gets ripped to shreds? Well, shreds might be a slight exaggeration, and to be completely fair, it probably wasn’t entirely the fault of the child. The dress was getting a bit too snug across the chest, which was probably causing undue stress on the fabric. This child is a champion grower. She’s going to be taller than me. She is also, by far, my roughest customer. I can’t tell you how many knees and bums and legs she’s worn through in this past Winter. I’m at the point where I won’t make anything below the waist for her anymore. It’s more sensible to buy cheap RTW leggings and trackie pants during the sales. In the past few weeks, I’ve been converting some of the salvageable ones to shorts for Summer (like the cute pink pair below). Even Miss Three doesn’t cause as much damage as her to clothes as this one does. This dress refashion was very simple. I cut off the yoke as high up as I could and simply attached a waistband. The waistband is a …

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