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Jalie 3672 Strappy Leo!!

How much fun is this unitard?? My girls do quite a bit of gymnastics and they are always cold. When they saw this, they both wanted me to make them one with the full length legs. I did point out that the top was a tank and that their arms might get cold. They didn’t care. Did. Not. Care. I made the size O which is the size 11. They are long (about the size N or 10), but thin but this is designed with negative ease so it’s fine.


This is my favorite part of the pattern. I love these straps!!! The straps here are a little loose.


I ended up tightening the straps on these two places.


Someone couldn’t wait to do some stunts. The fabric is a polyester/Lycra knit. The white digital print is at both edges. I cut this on the cross grain but there is lots of stretch in both directions. I like how it goes from the white to black and back to white. The waistband section turned out to be perfectly white-goes-to-black for the look I wanted.


I think she’s a bit fan too. You can see she’s got the swayback going on. Between the twins, she has the more pronounced swayback. See the gap right under the black tab? She gets that on all her leotards and swimsuits.




It doesn’t look awesome without a body.


I tacked down the too-long straps to the seam allowance and I’m hoping as she grows, I can add to the length of the straps.


I always, always, always serge AND zigzag the pant/crotch/armpit seams of any child leggings, leotards, swimsuit, etc. They are so bad about just sticking their heel in and pulling! I can’t count the number of center-back butt seams I have had to repair!!!

More later! I just got the newest kid Ottobres and there are a bunch of things in there I want to make!! Stay tuned!

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Jalie Leotards

As you know (maybe), my neice is a big gymnast. I make leotards for her. She really likes glitter, glam, and pizazz while Dad likes a little modesty with the gym-short type of leg. I loved this Jalie 3465 pattern for a while but I am lazy when it comes to modifying patterns. Then I was looking at something recently and literally had a forehead-slapping moment. I totally forgot that Jalie 3465 and 3466 have interchangeable bottoms!! How awesome is that? Look at all my options!! And no modification for the Lazy-Dawn-Beast. Look! There are my boy short bottoms!!



This is the bodice piece on Jalie 3465, truly bizarre. The part on top is the bodice.
FullSizeRender (64)


1) How FREAKING cute is this leotard. 2) How FREAKING big is my dog??
FullSizeRender (65)


The back is my favorite part. The only part that doesn’t please me is that she won’t be able to undo-redo the clasp by herself. These are my twins showing off the two leotards. My twins are smaller than my neice. She is definitely more muscular and these will look better on her. You can tell these are too big around on the torso.
FullSizeRender (66)


Here is the other one. Same things, different colors.
FullSizeRender (67)


See how ripply it is around the side of the bodice? Too big for this girl, but it will fit the cousin just fine.
FullSizeRender (69)
FullSizeRender (70)


On the mesh, they have you serge on 1/4” elastic, flip it to the wrong side, and topstitch it with a zig zag. I LOVE this finish!
FullSizeRender (72)


These are winging their way to San Diego as we speak.

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Jalie 3349–Gymnastics Leotard

You guys know I love me a good leotard pattern. And, of course, Jalie is my most favorite pattern ever. Like ever. I think they design EXACTLY for my body. It’s weird how well they fit. Anyway, what’s in the cat is in the kitten, and my twins are built a lot like me. They have their mother’s swayback and her loooong torso.


I decided to make the View A which is the plain front and back to test the fit. I ended up making a size L (size 8) for them and added two inches of length to the body of the leotard. Yes, I know, TWO INCHES.


And I would say they need all two inches!! I extended the arms to the size M because they are long and lean.


The fit is spot-on. I love, love, love the long sleeves. I also love the fit around the legs.


For the back, a split back and swayback adjustment would fit her better. They are just like me. Although, I wonder if I could just take out a horizontal 1/2” and ease in the front? I think that might work too. Even with that slight pooling, I think the fit is great.


She loves it and that is all that matters. This is a fantastic base pattern. Think of all the things you could do to this basic shape. There were many, many cartwheels during this photoshoot, but being that these were taken inside, things were way too dark.


Here’s the other view. I want to do this one next. I love the high v on the twist top. This is actually listed as a ballet pattern, but it’s awesome as a gymnastics leotard. Oh, I forgot to tell you that the full front is lined.

Love it!!! Another Jalie winner (how many times have I written those words on my blog, I wonder)!!!!

I have a fun Ottobre dress to show you next.

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Jalie 3464 – The Lillie Leotard

This another one of the new Jalie patterns. I love, love, love the underarm stripe and the way it shows off slim and trim bodies. My girls may be big fans of this pattern too.


I used a bright green for the underarm stripe. Let’s see, the green and solid pink are from San Diego. The rainbow leopard print is from JoAnn’s. Obviously we had fun with this photo shoot.


Isn’t that green stripe cool??


Good Lord, how flexible these little creatures are . . .


This leotard fits perfectly. The girls are eight, but very thin with looooong torsos. I made a smaller size (eek! Where are my notes!) and then added two inches to the torso.


Big sister (she’s 13 minutes older and tells her sister this all the time . . .) had to get in on the action. This is a different Jalie leotard. It’s Jalie 3354 and I blogged about it here.


Leaf throwing turns into  . . .


. . . vicious sister love . . . which turns into  . . .


. . . a fun girl on girl slap fight . . . aaaaah, the joys of parenting.


I love the leotards though. I love the sleeveless version too. It is actually a different pattern piece so you get a well-fitting armhole. There are so many options for colorblocking and fitting!!! Love it!!!!

Next? I’m frantically making wool shirts for my son who is going on a two day canoe trip with friends. Eek!

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