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I went to Japan last year and the street-style there inspired me quite a lot. Particularly in Kyoto, where most women would be wearing the same outfit over and over: a…

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Transform your Needlepoint by Creating your own Stitch Guides

It’s a transformation that never gets old. You see a wonderful canvas and you buy it. You can almost see how lovely it will look stitched — can’t you? Then you get it home and reality sets in. You don’t have a clue how to transform the painted canvas into that stitched masterpiece that lives […]

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Sewing For My Curves: Morven

Heya Everyone!!! I’m Morven and I’m really happy to participate in the Sewing For My Curves series. You can see what I get up to sewing-wise on my Instagram @morvens_handmades and sometimes I even blog about my sewing explorations. Clockwise from top left: Anna dress with Enid sweater, Anna dress, Anna dress My Figure: I…

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Handmade Styling: Cozy Winter Blues

It’s one thing to make a garment you love, but often another to incorporate it seamlessly into your wardrobe – at least that’s what we hear from our customers all of the time. One of the many questions I get … Continue reading

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Valentino Inspired Dress – Fancy Mood Floral Roses Jacquard and Simplicity 1011

Plain and simple:  there is nothing like a beautiful piece of fabric.  Just the mere fact that it is gorgeous makes you imagine how proud you feel to wear something made of it. This is the case with Mood’s Black Malaga Floral Roses Jacquard a…

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Blue Faux Fur – Inspiration

Spring didn’t last too long. Back to winter, and I’m back to thinking about what to make with the Blue Faux Fur I got from Mood Fabrics.Here’s the inspiration I collected.  Any thought?

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The 2017 Oscars Red Carpet

It’s that time again . . . time to gaze longingly at couture gowns I wish I could examine inside and out, and at the same time pick apart the mess that sometimes manages to make it down the red carpet.  This year, I can’t even say that I have a favorite.

But I will say that Viola Davis looks AMAZING in Armani.  Just don’t make me watch her trying to walk in the heels that I assume are hiding under that dress, it will ruin the illusion.  If I am being picky, I am not in love with that clutch with the bracelet.  But really, this is a fabulous look for her, and she should definitely be adding more of that red color to her wardrobe.  Just don’t tromp about like a football player when you look this stunning, please!

Kirsten Dunst chose Dior Haute Couture, and the arched neckline is lovely.  I also really like the slight high-low hemline that shows off the shoes (which I really, really love).  I would have preferred to see this in a color, though.  She wore a lemony colored dress with short sleeves and collar in Cannes earlier this year, and if this gown was that color I think it would have been truly stunning.  But what is with the hair?!  Messy, messy, messy, and it really takes away from the glamour.

And because I miss Evan Rachel Woods in a tux, here is Mahershala Ali – this is how you exude style on the red carpet as a man without looking like you are trying too hard (hello, Pharrell Williams).  Do we think that is a silk/wool blend; oh, how I wish I could get my hands on some of that fabric because it looks yummy.  But wait a second, aren’t his sleeves supposed to show below the jacket?  And the white buttonhole on the lapel is a bit jarring.  So, so close, but not quite perfect. 

Brie Larson is wearing Oscar de la Renta.  Now, there is something I like about this, but all those flounces get lost in the black.  I think a contrasting color would have worked better for the lining to highlight the details.  The bodice looks really good on her frame, but the skirt is a little too late 80s for me to really love this.

I can’t put my finger on why I am drawn to this Elizabeth Kennedy gown on Busy Phillips, but I am intrigued.  Maybe it is the luscious green velvet, or perhaps it is simply because it is so unexpected.  Although, I am having flashes of a vintage movie theatre marquee . . . but I really love the hourglass shape this creates . . . but now I want to see the dress light up.  I am really stuck on this one.  I cannot decide if I love it or hate it.

Taraji Henson looks stunning in velvet Alberta Ferretti.  That neckline is glorious, but I do wish she had taken it easy with the boob tape and/or contouring, because the girls are treading dangerously close to Miss Universe territory.  Not sure about the necklace, and the ring really doesn’t match, or maybe I would rather she keep the ring and get rid of the necklace, but one of them has got to go.  The messy hair works for her – perhaps this is the look that Kirsten Dunst was going for.  Her toe appears to be hanging off the edge of that shoe, but I am going to give her a break because she did not shove her thigh way out of that slit like some classless actress that shall remain nameless.

Dakota Jonson often looks sickly/really uncomfortable on the red carpet, and that trend continues.  This reminds me of a 1940s bridal gown, which I should love.  But girl, do something with your hair, for crying out loud.  Hate the necklace with this Gucci dress, but I think I might like this on someone else, or really anyone who would actually make an effort when getting ready for a huge event, because I just cannot look past the horrible hair.  When I force myself to ignore the head attached to the dress, the fit on the sleeves looks awkward as well.  She really does look like she just rolled out of bed . . . perhaps while wearing the dress, by the looks of the wrinkled skirt.

I love this ankle length ballerina inspired Dior Haute Couture dress.  The shoes are perfection, and surprisingly enough, I think the washed out tone works for Felicity Jones.  Her skin looks really gorgeous.  Maybe it’s the dark hair that keep her from being washed out?  I like the minimal jewelry on this as well.  My only issue here is that she looks rather thick through the middle, which I am going to blame on all of that tulle.  I would say add a thicker belt to corral the frothy fabric, but I do like the delicate look, so not really sure how to fix this one.

Nicole Kidman.  Oh, dear.  What happened here?  This Armani looks like something you would find in the prom clearance section of Macys, the scratchy polyester snagged from being shoved to the back of the rack for months on end.  The color does not work for her – seriously, when is someone going to tell the misguided woman that the monotone look from head to toe just does not work for her?  To top it all off, the hairstyle looks horrendous, and the shoes are too big as well.  The only redeemable things here are the diamonds.  She is built like a model and must have a whole team of people helping her get ready for an event like this – how can it all go so horribly wrong?!?  

Paging Sharon Stone – someone has stolen your Casino dress again – this time it’s Jessica Biel with an assist from Kaufman Franco.  That necklace, though, looks like it was stolen from a Broadway production of The Lion King.  There are enough gold statues at the Oscars, darling, trying to look like one is just embarrassing in a situation like this.

Emma Stone is in Givenchy Haute Couture, and boy would I love to see that bodice up close.  I love the hair, love the jewels, love the makeup, and love the top half of the dress.  Unfortunately, the bottom half looks like she is auditioning for the role of Babette in a Vegas production of Beauty and the Beast.  It is possible that this dress looks wonderful in motion, but at rest, it’s rather sad looking.  And here is another pale skinned woman who looks good in a muted color.

Here we have another Babette look, this one by Marchesa, worn by Olivia Culpo.  The dress is a familiar look for Marchesa, and I seem to recall Georgina Chapman wearing something similar on a red carpet in the recent past.  This particular beaded feather duster works much better than the Givenchy, in my opinion.  But the hair is all kinds of wrong.  Did they gel it like that on her forehead?  I love a good spit curl with a flapper inspired frock, but the trick is to curl the hair into an interesting shape, not paste it down in an oily line.  This just looks like she is desperately trying to hide the fact that she needs to wash her hair, and failing.  I do like that delicate black ribbon and the dark clutch and dark nails.  And I would have liked a darker lip (or anything, really, to distract from that greasy mess on her forehead).

And in the role of Belle, we have Leslie Mann in Zac Posen.  From the shoulders up, she looks adorable.  The dress, however, looks like a contestant on Project Runway threw a bunch of fabric on a dress form and called it a day.  And top it off with a bow at the bust . . . what the heck was he thinking?  Is the skirt supposed to be that wrinkly, because the bodice is not.  I can just imagine Mr. Posen’s snarky comments when this came down the runway:  “Who do you think you are, Charles James?”  That being said, she does look really happy wearing the dress, so that has to count for something.

Janelle Monae did not let me down in the crazy dress department (Helena Bonham Carter would totally wear this, and I am now convinced that they are red carpet cousins).  I am calling this one “Rococo Punk.”  The overlay looks suspiciously shiny like polyester, but I cannot imagine that Elie Saab would use the poly organza from JoAnn Fabrics, so I am going to blame the lighting and hope that it is, in fact, silk.  She looks like a rock and roll princess; it really is incredible how a person can turn a potentially hideous garment into something wonderful with the right look.

So, not a lot of color this year, and nothing that I would give my left kidney to own, but it’s been fun wandering down this year’s red carpet.  Did I miss any of your favorites?

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Getting a “Tweedy” Effect in Needlepoint

Connie Pickering Stover is a fiber artist making lovely needlepoint and mixed media projects. A distinctive characteristic of her work is the tweeded effect, which you can see clearly in the picture here of her Starborn work. On her site se has a tutorial about achieving this tweeded effect in your own stitching. Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2017Original content […]

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Smallness – Senior Process


My senior collection is about the interaction of light and wind and how, when connected together, they create a transcending feeling of smallness.

I almost used broken shards of glass as one of the main elements. It was a time in my life where I didn’t feel entirely whole. But after advice from my mentor and praying and searching, I decided on something so much better.

What I really hope is that the materials, together, will interact with the true elements of this design: the wind and the light and the unexplainable aura that resonates from them. If I can do this, I can echo to others the absolute greatest feeling I’ve ever experienced—the feeling of staring up at the night sky, watching the stars reflect their light, feeling the wind against my skin, and suddenly realizing how amazingly small we are.

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Roman Mosaic Needlepoint

Roman mosaics make compelling inspiration for needlepoint. You can find vintage books of charts adapting them to needlepoint, you can find projects doing the same (such as my Bath Mosaic). Among my favorite Roman mosaics are the dogs from Pompeii. The folks at Needlepaint have turned three of them into needlepoint. They have also written […]

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Roman Mosaic Needlepoint

Roman mosaics make compelling inspiration for needlepoint. You can find vintage books of charts adapting them to needlepoint, you can find projects doing the same (such as my Bath Mosaic). Among my favorite Roman mosaics are the dogs from Pompeii. The folks at Needlepaint have turned three of them into needlepoint. They have also written […]

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oliver + s capsule wardrobe

Make clothes for your kids alongside your virtual sewing pals during Kid’s Clothes Week which will be taking place February 20-26. This time around there is an optional capsule wardrobe theme. Happy sewing!

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Harmony in Head

It’s midway through the day and I’m thinking three rows ahead, down at my knitting. It’s been 6 hours and whoa. I have completed, wait for it…wait for it… Three. Whole. Inches. 😐  This is a decent accomplishment, but I’m not admiring these fresh stitches. I’m calculating those three inches, into hours, and multiplying them by the knitting yield of the full piece, and then dividing that by seven and then counting down the few remaining days I have left until my critique with the dean. (10 days).
At this rate I should finish this single layer of my first look by, mm, next Tuesday.

I realize this same time comparison has actually been going through my head all day on repeat.  Inch by inch, hour by hour, day by day, minute by minute stitch by stitch by cup of coffee, by stich, I have been calculating my deadlines. The moment when I finish this piece, so I may move onto the next and begin calculating again, but as exhausting as it is to think about and as exhausting as this is to read, you should all know that there is a time when this chess game in my head quiets.

Two days a week, on Monday and Wednesday mornings, I have an art history class and it is my favorite moment of the entire week. It’s a time when I get to sit and pause and just look at artwork.  It’s so soothing. I’m not thinking in terms of a plan and a deadline. There’s no pressure. My boyfriend and I sit aside each other, both of our minds moving a mile a minute, admiring art, coming up with new ideas, and laughing at our professor’s ridiculous, interpretive, dancing. Yes, this really happens.

It’s a pause.  It’s a soak.  I always have a pen and paper ready, but not to write down the names of the artists or the dates of the paintings we cover in class; I have an entire notebook willed with new ideas.

As an artist, we need pauses. Soaks. We need to be inspired without the pressure of creating. Because when you’re not looking for something beautiful, is often when you find beauty in things the most.

Here are some of my favorites art pieces that I should have written in my notebook:

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Who is Blue Hair Girl?

Welcome, Blue Hair Girl! What do you get when you mix machine embroidery, a quirky sense of humor and streaks of blue hair? The launch of a new brand from Designs in Machine Embroidery. Blue Hair Girl is a fresh and quirky approach to embroidery! Managing Editor, Denise Holguin, has been in the machine embroidery […] Read more…

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spring inspiration round-up

Bring on spring! As you transition into spring sewing, here is a round-up to offer you lots of wonderful inspiration.

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pantone spring colors inspiration

Here is a lot of colorful eye candy for you today. Be inspired by the Pantone spring 2017 colors for your Oliver + S sewing.

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Inspiration – The Vertical Lines of Valentino Fall 2016

I love looking at fashion show pictures of different designers.  It is such a great source of inspiration.  One of my favorite designers is Valentino.  The designs are so elegant, classy and full of different design elements.  With …

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Inspiration – The Vertical Lines of Valentino Fall 2016

I love looking at fashion show pictures of different designers.  It is such a great source of inspiration.  One of my favorite designers is Valentino.  The designs are so elegant, classy and full of different design elements.  With …

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How to Whimsify Your Boring, Old Hallway👼💫

Step 1: Forget everything you know about crafts

The art and act of crafting is not at all what most people think.

You could be a fool with your hands. Your cutting skills could be seriously lacking. Your gluing abilities might not be so hot and you may have little-to-no- spare time. That’s okay, gurrrl—turning a dark, horrible hallway into a whimsy wonderland requires none of these things! There’s only one thing you absolutely need to create another world, that is, an idea that excites you.

This will not be your typical how-to.

Step 2: The Vision

When I’m feelin’ crafty but don’t have a project in mind, its hard for me to relax. I always have to be doing something with my hands, but I always remind myself that it’s never good to force something. In the end, the vision and the feeling has to come first.  

After 12 + hours a day pattern drafting and knitting at Eckburg, coming home and opening the door to a long, treacherous, empty, barren, dark, quite, scary hallway was kinda the icing on top of the workaholic cake. So. I decided to remind myself of one of my favorite feelings, whimsy💫

Once you know what feeling you want to create, hone in on that vision, beebee! If you have a strong mind’s eye, this may be easy, but for others, focus on that feeling; search online and look for inspiration. Create a mood board if you have to.

For me, I thought about friendly clusters of butterflies guiding me kindly, safely, to my bed so I may promptly pass out in peace. Motivation! 👏

Step 3: Choosing your elements

Now, I’m not going to lie to you all. I really broke the bank for this one, guys. I used some pretty high tech stuff (printing paper, masking tape). Which leads me to Bonus Tip number one:

Stay within your budget. And know that there’s almost always a much cheaper version of the material you’re envisioning. For me, construction paper was tempting, but in the end, borrowing copious amounts of paper from the printers at my school just made sense. 😊 ✌😋

TIP 2: Keep it consistent! More important than the materials themselves is consistency. Stolen sheets of computer paper may be paired well with masking tape found in a drawer! When creating a new world, the components need to create harmony.

Step 4: Execution

It’s all in the details on this one, son. 😎  The subtleties. The little stuff. Let the experience be organic. Don’t make every element a piece from a cookie cutter. Don’t feel limited to the designs you find online. Vary them in size and shape a little. Make some mistakes. I certainly didn’t cut all of these little butterflies perfectly. Some of them really suck. They aren’t clustered together into perfect crescendos or anything like that, and I didn’t have the principles of design floating around in my head constantly when placing them. I just had fun and cut away and taped and relaxed. Don’t worry if you mess up. You’ll be surprised: an imperfection up close can seem so horrible and ugly, but when you step back and look at your finished project as a whole, its these imperfections that makes it all beautiful.  

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Pantspiration: RTW Inspiration + Sewing Pattern Options

While Gillian post and Deb’s epic list of plus-size pants patterns is super helpful and an incredibly thorough go-to resource, it doesn’t have much visual appeal. We thought you might be jonesing for some inspirational pants eye-candy to complement it. Pantspiration, if you will, for Curvy Pants Month! For today’s post, I’ve picked a RTW example…

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sewing it yourself with oliver + s

Stir your imagination with some ready-to-wear inspiration. Recreate a look by sewing it yourself with Oliver + S.

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Advanced Tutorial for Perfect Embroidery Pro

My good friend, Katherine Artines, recently posted a new video tutorial on the Inspired by Dime YouTube channel.  Katherine’s topic, Push/Pull: Distortion and Compensation, is an advanced discussion of this often misunderstood embroidery feature. If you’ve wondered why what you see on screen does not match your stitched sample, then you’ll really enjoy Katherine’s breakdown […] Read more…

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wardrobe edit: pink flamingo

Kona color of the year 2017 is Pink Flamingo. Come see many ideas on how to add some Pink Flamingo to girl Oliver + S patterns.

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Return to Dior

Oh, how I have missed the romance of Dior Haute Couture.

I was not sure what to expect from Maria Grazia Chiuri, but I was certainly ready to see Raf Simons move on from Dior Haute Couture.  And I can’t say I was all that excited after her first ready to wear collection.  Then again, mass produced fashion is not all that exciting to me these days . . .  

But I am thrilled to see such whimsical and truly lovely pieces on the runway, albeit a non-traditional one.  I wonder how many attendees went home with bits of moss in their shoes?

Although I may have to wait until the stormy weather moves on, it is definitely time to pull out all of the fabric flowers I used to wear in my hair ten years ago.

Many of these pieces conjures images of Pre-Raphaelite ingenues which reminds me of late 1990s romanticism.  I definitely would have wanted my prom dress to look just like one of these gowns, and my hair to be a mass of curls topped with a bouquet of silk flowers!

There is definitely a flavor of Grazia Chiuri’s past work for Valentino, and I am looking forward to seeing where she will take Mr. Dior’s house of flowers in the future.

And for those who prefer a bit more structure in their wardrobe, there are certainly some fabulous options (which probably requires that you have an extra $20,000 to spend on a new jacket – but for those of us with a sewing machine, where there is a will, there is a way).

I now have an urge to make a hooded garment in velvet.  Yep, the 90s are definitely back . . .

And then there are the perfectly tailored pieces giving new life to the iconic Bar Suit.  Personally, I am not sure how the original could ever be improved upon, but I do like to see what each new designer does with the idea.  A tea length version over a sheer skirt is pretty fabulous.

If this first collection is anything to go by, I am so very pleased with Dior’s new artistic director.  Mr. Galliano is still very much missed, but I am completely enchanted with this collection, and I can’t wait to see what comes next!  

On another note, this gown needs to get in my closet immediately – and I will be needing a moss covered woodland forest to frolic about in!

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2016 in review: top tips and tutorials

During 2016 we shared many top tips and tutorials on the blog, come check them all out.

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Hello??…is anybody here? If there is still someone out there, hello and happy new year(yes, I know that January is almost over!), but you know, work and life get in the way and things don’t always go as planned. When the new year came around I though…

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Volume 102 – Subtle Tees – Spray Paint!

Embrace your inner spray paint artist! Have you been following the new Subtle Tees column in Designs in Machine Embroidery?  If you aren’t there are several reasons you will want to: The designs featured on the t-shirts include our magazine sponsors – without whom, we wouldn’t be able to provide you inspiration. Periodically you’ll find […] Read more…

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Volume 102 – Subtle Tees – Spray Paint!

Embrace your inner spray paint artist! Have you been following the new Subtle Tees column in Designs in Machine Embroidery?  If you aren’t there are several reasons you will want to: The designs featured on the t-shirts include our magazine sponsors – without whom, we wouldn’t be able to provide you inspiration. Periodically you’ll find […] Read more…

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2016 photo mosaics

See all of the fantastic Oliver + S sewing everyone did in 2016! Here are some 2016 mosaics by Oliver + S sewists.

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The 2017 Golden Globes

Ahh, the Golden Globes.  As I look down at my post-holiday belly pudge, my first thought is for all of those women who could not indulge over the holidays for fear they would be judged for looking less than “perfect” in front of millions of people.  So thank you, ladies and gentlemen of the red carpet, for getting all gussied up and continuing the time honored tradition of lining up for a firing squad of photographers and critics . . .  

Blake Lively rarely makes fashion mistakes these days, and this dress is no exception.  This velvet Versace is gorgeous; love the train, love the neckline, love the velvet.  The first image I saw was from a side angle, and the chainmail/liquid lame/whatever that stuff is hangs slightly low under the arm which makes the black velvet visible which looks like a mistake.  I am not completely sold on the placement of the “pockets,” but it sure does flatter her body, so all I am going to say is that it looks rather silly trying to shove a hand into something I feel is merely decorative.  Let’s call it a drape or embellishment and keep the hands away, please.  And I kind of like the matching cuffs with that pop of green, but that might just be gilding the lily.  Hey, how about we play a game and put her in a burlap sack and see how that looks . . . because I think she would still look stunning.  It may not be fair, but this woman won the genetics lottery.  And Versace really knows how to make velvet sing!

Yes, the whole woman in a tuxedo thing has been done before, and will certainly be done again.  In my opinion, these attempts either look amazing or fall horribly flat.  Evan Rachel Woods and Altuzara Custom got it just right.  This almost makes me want to wear a pair of pants!  The double breasted vest with that oversized bow looks immaculate, and the hair is the perfect finishing touch.  My one nitpick would be the length of the pants.  I find it really distracting when you cannot see the tips of the shoes.  It would look ridiculous if the arms of a jacket obscure the entire hand, and I feel the same way about the pants.  Besides, I am sure there are some fabulous shoes under there . . . so why are you hiding them?!  But I just don’t care because this looks so darn fabulous!!

I do not know who Teresa Palmer is, but I like her choice of Armani Privé.  This looks like classic Hollywood, and I totally approve.  I would have liked a simple drop earring, or a cuff.  The spare look works, but this is the red carpet, after all.  I have a feeling she did a Coco Chanel and took one too many accessories off when she did that final look in the mirror before heading out.  That clutch is also an odd choice – should have lost the clutch and kept the jewels!

John Galliano was inspired by Gustav Klimt for his 2008 Couture Show, and it appears that Zuhair Murad is as well with this dress on Olivia Culpo (although this is a much more wearable garment).  I love the riot of color.  I am not really liking the bodice treatment here, and I really don’t like the makeup, but from the waist down, this is exquisite.  Oh, and I think I like the earring with this dress, but I am going to have to find a better picture before I commit myself to that.  Now that I am really looking at this, I would have preferred to see Emma Stone in this dress and Olivia in Emma’s Valentino gown.

I know Caitriona Balfe is in Outlander, and I have seen her wearing some glorious costumes in online photos.  It is slightly jarring to see her in something so modern, but I am now convinced that she is another one of those women who can wear anything.  If I saw this Erdem dress (which I assumed was Prada when I first saw it) on anyone else, I would probably think they were crazy for putting it on.  But this just works for her – that simple neckline is really lovely.  My understanding is that she was/is a model, so I suppose wearing crazy clothes could be considered her job, and boy does she do it well.  In this particular case, I think the lack of adornment except for that floral embellishment and a pair of stud earrings works really well.  Now I think what I would have like to have seen on Teresa’s velvet gown was a brooch.

Zoe Saldana is in Gucci.  Her skin normally looks amazing, but this color is not doing anything for her.  I like the idea of the dress, but I think the ruffles look almost sloppy on the skirt.  The fabric either does not have enough weight, or too much.  And then that waist bow is just sitting there, looking like it belongs on a completely different dress.  I think this dress is too girly for Zoe.  I prefer when she wears designs with more of an edge.

I will start out by saying that I am not a big fan of the color yellow.  This particular shade is preferable to the radioactive looking neon worn by a couple of other ladies this year, but I am going to get past the color (which reminds me of Cate Blanchett’s Valentino from the 2005 Oscars), because Reeese Witherspoon look exceptional in Atelier Versace.  There was a photo of the side angle of this dress, and I am not sure what the back neckline is doing, but from the front, that twisted detail is quite beautiful.  And I am really glad she decided to wear her hair up!

Does anyone else want to see this Burberry dress up close?  Is it embroidery, is it sequins?  I want to know how that textile was created!  Whatever it is, Laura Dern looks wonderful in this simple silhouette.  And hey, there is some yellow in there . . . what is happening to me . . .

Here is another wonderful silhouette.  But why are gowns breaking on the floor like a pair of men’s trousers breaks over their instep?  Why?  What happened to Jessica Chastain’s feet?  Enquiring mind want to know.  And when did the embroiderers go on strike at Prada? I find it rather rude that someone put this stunning lady in a dress when the embellishments are clearly unfinished.  Not all asymmetry is attractive on clothing, people.  Or maybe this is a Two-Face Halloween costume; one side is girly, on side is sleek and sophisticated – but her makeup does not match the theme.  I do love those diamond with that neckline, though!  Also, 90s pastels are back, minus the horrible eyeshadow and weird hair clips.  She needs more of that blue color in her wardrobe, though.

I really want to like this dress, but it does not work on Claire Foy.  I think perhaps the sleeves overwhelm her frame.  The silvery pink color of the Erdem gown is really beautiful with her skin, though.  I think this is just too big on her.

This Valentino gown on Emma Stone has potential, but I feel like she was trying too hard to match La La Land (i.e. dancing in the clouds/stars).  The dress reminds me of something Ginger Rogers might have worn in the 1930s.  And I really don’t like the necklace with this neckline.  Perhaps they were going for a crescent moon to match the stars, but I find the round and high necklace jarring with the plunging v.  I would have preferred a delicate lavalier.  And has one of the stars escaped the confines of the overlay, or do we think it is supposed to be like that?  I definitely want to see her in that Klimt inspired gown.

Speaking of the 1930s, I can picture Myrna Loy wearing this Marchesa gown that Chrissy Teigen chose.  The metallic is bordering on obnoxious, but I think she pulls it off.  I hate the severe hair and the red clutch, though.  That crazy peplum, though, it pretty fabulous!

Okay, so I have mentioned before that I think Priyanka Chopra is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, but her fashion choices are rarely my favorite.  This Ralph Lauren dress is looking a little Sharon Stone in Casino, especially with that necklace.  The pattern placement is sketchy, both top and bottom, but the gold color is stunning.  Maybe I would like this more if something had been done with the hair.  And again with the weird jewelry choices paired with the plunging necklines.  Someone get this lady a new stylist!

It would seem that Sophia Vergara never saw a sparkle she didn’t like.  I love the fact that she is not in the same skintight strapless sweetheart neckline gown she usually wears.  I also really like the cut away shoulders.  And I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am beginning to get sick of the whole tulle encrusted with as many sparkly bits as humanly possible, but let’s still look naked underneath theme.  I would be very interested to see one of these gowns up close.  Is it more spectacular than a photo, or does it look cheap?   This particular gown is Zuhair Murad who really started this craze, but now Monique Lhuillier and Marquesa, and everybody else is on the bandwagon and I am beginning to be blinded by all of the flash.  Then again, it would probably be a lot of fun to wear one, so I suppose I can’t blame a girl for taking the opportunity!

Okay, I love Sarah Jessica Parker – I just don’t love her dress, which makes me sad.  For a petite woman, she knows how to work with volume, and I have seen her haul around yards and yards of skirt with no problem, but this particular gown swamps her.  The horsehair hem issue is rearing its ugly head (again, with the horsehair on satin gowns!) and the bejeweled belt thing just does not look right to me.  Is it supposed to sit above the waistline, or did it just migrate?  Why is it there at all – it really adds nothing to the dress.  I have been staring at this gown for a while, trying to decide if a color change would make this work better . . . I don’t think it would.  I really do like the dress, and the sleeve treatment (cold shoulders are back!), unfortunately this just does not work for me on Sarah Jessica.  She has make me rethink red carpet mohawks and plaid thigh-high boots, but every once in a while, I just can’t get behind the outfit.

Michelle Williams chose to wear Louis Vuitton.  I really like the silhouette, and the minimal accessories really work – but the lace looks cheap to me.  I think the simple ribbon around the neck is a perfect touch.  This one has me conflicted.  And I really want to see the back of this one.

And just for fun, here is Janelle Monáe in Armani.  I love this – maybe because I miss Helena Bonham Carter’s antics on the red carpet and it reminds me of something she might wear.  Although, she probably would have mis-matched shoes and be wearing a bird on her head!  I will admit that if someone else was wearing this, I might think this was slightly cheap looking with the oversized tulle, but Janelle makes this work.

Overall, I was not terribly impressed with the choices this year.  The fact that one of my favorites was a pants suit says a lot.  But I am going to keep searching out all those red carpet photos, just for the fun of it!  And I am already looking forward to the next red carpet . . .

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