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Jalie 3672 Strappy Leo!!

How much fun is this unitard?? My girls do quite a bit of gymnastics and they are always cold. When they saw this, they both wanted me to make them one with the full length legs. I did point out that the top was a tank and that their arms might get cold. They didn’t care. Did. Not. Care. I made the size O which is the size 11. They are long (about the size N or 10), but thin but this is designed with negative ease so it’s fine.


This is my favorite part of the pattern. I love these straps!!! The straps here are a little loose.


I ended up tightening the straps on these two places.


Someone couldn’t wait to do some stunts. The fabric is a polyester/Lycra knit. The white digital print is at both edges. I cut this on the cross grain but there is lots of stretch in both directions. I like how it goes from the white to black and back to white. The waistband section turned out to be perfectly white-goes-to-black for the look I wanted.


I think she’s a bit fan too. You can see she’s got the swayback going on. Between the twins, she has the more pronounced swayback. See the gap right under the black tab? She gets that on all her leotards and swimsuits.




It doesn’t look awesome without a body.


I tacked down the too-long straps to the seam allowance and I’m hoping as she grows, I can add to the length of the straps.


I always, always, always serge AND zigzag the pant/crotch/armpit seams of any child leggings, leotards, swimsuit, etc. They are so bad about just sticking their heel in and pulling! I can’t count the number of center-back butt seams I have had to repair!!!

More later! I just got the newest kid Ottobres and there are a bunch of things in there I want to make!! Stay tuned!

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Jalie 3676 – Secret, Ninja Pajamas!

I had to make these pants next because they look so SPRING to me. I’m really into spring right now because we are in the midst of it and there is nothing more exciting to a light-deprived Alaskan than SPRING! I made my Vanessa pants a little different than the original pattern. I wanted mine to look more like slacks.


Mine are not cuffed and I cut two inches off and made a one inch hem. These are just a bit cropped which is what I was looking for. My legs are a bit on the short side for a person with a 5’5” frame. I have extra length in my torso which means I have less in my legs. (Dammit.) When I make them with the cuffs, which I will, I’ll probably fold out an inch below the knee so I keep the tapered leg. I think the leg is a little wide here and that would have been avoided if I had folded out an inch or two at the knee.


I used a very light weight, stretchy, “denim”. I am not sure that is the right word to even describe this fabric. They are so stretchy and lightweight. Because of the stretchiness and my unfamiliarness with my machine, I stretched the darts out a bit. I always do darts by shortened the stitch until I reach the point of the dart. Well, I was trying to do it on my new machine and ended up with .5 length stitches and that, combined with my super stretchy fabric, made the points of the darts stretched out. You can barely see the issue here.


It’s funny, but I couldn’t find a picture with my hands out of my pockets.


With tucked in t-shirt (a Jalie t-shirt from a long time ago!).


Here you can see th dart problem more. The fit in the butt would be about perfect except for the pesky darts that are sticking out! Also, I always seem to have extra fabric behind my thighs. I’m sure there is some fish-eye-octopus-hairy-dog dart I can use to alter it to make it fit better. I have this issue across all pattern companies and pants types. People before have said it’s because the front of my legs are muscular. Someday I will figure it out. 


This looks gray, but these are definitely dark blue.


I changed my waistband slightly too. Instead of putting the drawstring all the way around the waistband, I just put it from grommet hole to grommet hole. I didn’t have much twill tape that was the same color and I really wanted to use it. Also, the elastic in the waistband keeps them snug around the waist.


I did a little photoshop magic and I think they would have looked more like this if I had folded the length out at the knee. I will be making these again using a rayon challis and the leg cuffs! They are so comfortable! This will be like wearing secret pajamas to work!

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Mission Completed

So, remember my plan? I love the planning stage of things and then I *cough don’t follow through just because I made a plan and want to be a rebel. I often fall into that weird cycle. Well, this time I kicked the cycle’s ass. This was my inspiration:


And this is what I ended up doing!! Go, ME! This is literally me looking at the inspiration photo and trying to copy the pose.


So, first off, I made the bomber jacket and I freaking love it. I already wrote a whole post on just the jacket so I’m not going to gush any more in this post. The two other pieces I made are also Jalie patterns. This first one is a modified Jalie 3245. I have made the tank in both lengths before so I already knew the fit was nice. All I did was take the shorter length at the CF and blend it with the side seams of the longer version. Voila! Super easy and I really like the hi-low hem on this.


Next up, the new Jalie pattern 3674 Isabelle tights/leggings. I added a nylon/lycra swim fabric to the contrast panel. I wanted something fun on these pants but I didn’t want it to be too distracting if my purple hi-low hem popped up. I know you can’t see much in black, so I really lightened it up. You still can’t see much.


Overall, I’m rally happy with the finished product. I could have done a white t-shirt but I know I just wouldn’t wear it as much. I just don’t wear white. Like, ever.


I’m not sure what’s in the wroks for me yet. I enjoyed getting the inspiration photo and copying it. I really, really, really love each of the items as separates too. Overall, WIN!

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Jalie 3675–Bomber Jacket

DO YOU LOVE IT??!?!?! This is the bit of spring I need right now. I’m in love with this jacket. I used a scuba fabric for the main body. For the life of me, I can not remember where I bought this even though it was only a month or two ago. It is a place I’ve heard of and seen online a billion times and I finally bit the bullet and bought. Please, someone tell me, where did I buy this??? The sleeves are a knit wool that is cozy, cozy, cozy. The striped fabric is a ponte knit with quite a bit of stretch. It worked perfect for the stretchy bands.


I used a light pink metal zipper. I pulled the teeth off with dikes. That is what my husband says they are called. They aren’t needle-nose pliers, they are more cutters than pullers. They have a short stubby snout instead of a pointy one. 


The pockets are made out of the same fabulous wool.


Yes, I’m wearing a metallic leopard t-shirt under my floral bomber. Hahahahahaha.


I love that the zipper matches the pink in the flowers.



If you aren’t a member of the Jalie Facebook page, you missed out on my plan I posted a couple of weeks ago. I’m thinking of making this and this bomber jacket is the first part of the plan. I’m working on the Isabelle leggings next.


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Jalie 3567–Rova Dress and Tunic

This is another one of the new Jalie patterns. This is the Rova dress (or tunic if you are so inclined). It’s a loose fit tank dress with optional pockets and waist casing that can have a tie or elastic. I chose the tie and pockets for my version. I REALLY like it. Like, really like it. This will make a fantastic throw-on dress for summer. The fabric is from Cali Fabrics (it’s here and it’s on sale right now! No, I’m not affliliated at all.). It’s a rayon challis.


See the “pockets”? It’s one large, deep pocket. You could keep a cell phone in here and that baby would never fall out!


This is how I’ll wear it at work. It’s cold there and a cardigan is perfect with it. This is the Jalie Drop-Pocket cardigan and I made it a long time ago but still wear it regularly.


With Jalie’s binding method, you end up with a beautiful finish on the inside and outside. It looks better if the sewist uses the same color bobbin and topstitching thread. *cough, cough


This is inside the pocket and, again, with the beauty.

I will be making several more of these for children too. I will probably not make them the tie versions; I will probably just add elastic. A word of warning on this pattern: read the directions because they switch the width of the seam allowances several times. 1/8” for the bias strips, 3/8” for the main construction, 1/4” for applying the binding, etc.

Overall, another damn winner from Jalie. I wish that every once in a while they would mess up and not be such winners. Well, not really because I freaking love their patterns!

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New Pattern Roundup for March 2017

We have a LONNNNNNG post for you today, as many patternmakers released their spring patterns in the past month, and that’s without any new releases from the Big 4! So, without any further word from me, let’s take a look at the new offerings! Blank Slate – Fairelith Top and Daintree Skirt In line with…

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Spring Vogues, oh my

I must admit one of my great pleasures some mornings is getting a notice in my inbox that new patterns are up. I love a new pattern.Yesterday it was Vogue.I was a bit stunned by this season’s collection to be honest.Increasingly I am only interested in…

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KwikSew 3770 – Leggings

Remember when I made these before? I previously made the ankle scrunchy version. I always wanted to make the tuxedo stripe version and I finally had some time this weekend. I used a wicking 4-way polyester stretch as the main fabric and a stretch vinyl for the stripe. I knew thay would fit well because the other pair fit well.


The only change I made was to narrow the stripe by about 3/4”. I knew these would be too wide for me as is and this is a normal KS alteration for me. Their patterns always seem to run wide on my body. Anyway, I love the fit and the fun stripe down the leg.


There is a tiny bit of extra fabric under the butt but I think it’s fine.


And to make up for being a dreary Monday, guess what came in the mail?!?!?! YYYAAASSSSSSS! Who wants to do a Sew Along? I was thinking maybe the Charlie bomber jacket?? Anybody interested??? I want to make one in a bright, bold floral and one in a fancy fabric. I’m not sure what I have in my mind’s eye yet, maybe a quilted wool? A boucle? A sequined fabric? FUR?? 

I’m sure I’ll be sewing up a strom the next week or two. When new Jalie’s come out, I get motivated!! And do let me know if you are interested in some sort of Sew Along!!

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Jalie 3674 – Isabelle

How amazing are these new Jalie running/gym tights? I love these so much! They are flattering, comfortable, and include a cool pocket. Mine are not made out of any material from the National City Swap Meet (What???). The solid blue is a Nike Dri-fit fabric from stash. The heather blue and orange are from stash also. There is a gusset so they are super comfy for movement. This is my tester version so their “real” pattern may be slightly different. I love the colorblocking options too. I actually drew these out and colored in different designs to see what I wanted to do. I love the pop of orange.


This pocket is in the front at the waist panel and doesn’t have a closure.


You stitch into the pocket at the top and can make the opening narrow or wide. I will probably make one pair with a key clip at the bottom because I’m neurotic about losing my keys on the trail. It’s the perfect size for a couple of Gu packets, an ID, and a key or two.


Spring is almost here (it’s still in the single digits in the morning) so I’ll be making several of these for the little running people. They love flashy running tights!!

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Ottobre, Ottobre, and Jalie

If you’ve been following along on my blog, I’ve been working my way through outfits for each of my girls. This is the girl that wanted a “cozy and comfortable” pair of sweatpants and sweatshirt. She’s all about comfort. Instead of doing that for her, I decided to copy the Ottobre magazine inspiration. It’s still cozy and comfortable but maybe also a little less frump and more stylish? I used Ottobre 04-2016 #34 for the leggings. They are size B140 (the B is the skinny size). The only adjustment I made was to lower the front rise by about 3/4” of an inch. The print top is Ottobre 04-2016 #32 in size 140. I didn’t make any adjustments. The solid purple top is a Merino wool Jalie 2805 in the size 10.


Here are the two Ottobre patterns.


Here is everything together. She really likes it and it all fits really well. I need to get a picture with it all on.


I used a decorative stitch on my new sewing machine for the hem. I like how it adds a little pop of color and matches the trim on the Ottobre top.


It is supposed to have a collar but I just folded down and stitched.


I used the binder attachment on my coverstitcher. I love how it turned out.


I had to topstitch the pockets and used a different decorative stitch on my new machine.


These leggings are great. My twins are long and lean and these fit really well. AND they go up to size 170, so that’s exciting!


I recently discovered a two-step zig zag on my new machine and I really like it. I used it for the waist and the hems on the legs. It’s not as wide as the three-step zigzag but it it easier to work with than the regular zig zag.


I have one more set to show you. And more Jalies to show you too!! I’ve been working hard!!!

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Jalie 3670 – Loulouxe Skirt

How ridiculously cute is this pattern? I know I love their first skort (Jalie 2796) and I’ve made it several times. This is like the flirty version of that. I love, love, love the shape and the fun colorblocking opportunities. And pockets!!! Every runner needs that!


My version is a blue Supplex and a wild print that I think is a nylon/Lycra knit.


The waistband is similar to the other skort and the Cora tights. I really like this waistband finish. It stays in place and it’s super comfortable.


There’s no pocket here in the back panel, but man would it be easy to make one just like the Cora tights. Isn’t the back flared piece fun?


And a big ol’ deep pocket for phones, Gu, keys, etc. It’s optional, of course, but you could put it on both sides. This pair only has one pocket, but I’ll add two pockets to my next pair.


What about you guys?? Have you guys be making any of the new patterns yet??! I see on the FB page that people are busily cutting and sewing!!!

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Jalie 3667 – Marie-Claude Raglan Top

Ready for some other shots of the new Jalie patterns? I may have had this pattern for quite a while. I helped sew up a couple tester versions for Jalie. They made some changes after I was done, but it’s the same basic concept. When they said thumbholes and ponytail hole, I was sold. I’ve made a couple of them and wear them all the time. I’m in love with the slouchy turtleneck too though I haven’t made one for myself.


The first is made out of a wicking polyester. I run in this one in the summer.


To non-runners, the idea of your ponytail coming through your clothes might seem weird. But, when you are running and you need a little bit of warmth from a hood, a ponytail suddenly becomes quite the dilemma. If you make it a low ponytail, then it gets on your neck and gets all sweaty and gross. I can’t handle that. Also the swish-swish-swish of the back and forth under your clothes can create a horrible rat’s nest. You can also just have a regular-height pony tail but then it’s pushed against the hood and pulls the hood back off your face. I know it seems like a little thing – a ponytail – but when you are running long distances, any small thing can become a huge thing in a hurry.  This is the perfect solution.


My second version is made from a Polartec Powerstretch knit. It is so warm, I only run in it on the coldest of days. Some days I run in –5 or –10 degrees Fahrenheit and I use this layer to keep me warm. I also wear it quite a bit just around the house with leggings. It’s so coooozy. (Why is the best picture the one where I’m talking to my husband?)

For these, I made my normal size S. As usual with Jalie, the fit is fabulous! I have a couple other tester garments to show you as well. I also finished up my second outfit for the “Cozy Twin”. I just couldn’t do a sweatshirt so I made a cute tunic with an undershirt. I think she will like it.

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13 New Jalies!!!

Have you guys seen them? I am in love with this collection. You can see all 13 and all the pictures here. I just screenshot-ed my favorite ones. I love Jalie – clothes for me and my kids – forever. One envelope and all the sizes you could ever want. Anyway – these are my favorites. I think I see another capsule wardrobe in my future!!

A running raglan top with thumbholes AND a ponytail hole?? Instant LOVE from the runner in me!


A supportive bikini with loads of options for straps, tops, and the high and low-waisted bottoms? Um, yes please!


More running pants! They are SO FLATTERING! I love the colorblocking options here!!! I love these.


I have the perfect fabric for this. It’s a floral scuba. With black sleeves, this would be so cute! My daughters want one (but I might make one for me first).


Yes! Cozy, comfortable pants but you look like you actually got dressed. I don’t have much fabric for wovens like this. Must get more! My son would totally love these too.


I could just live in this when we are on vacation. With a cardigan, it would be perfect for work.


Love, love, love the colorblocking options for this. I also love the sports bra. It’s looks comfortable and supportive.


I wear my other Jalie skorts all the time. I’m excited that this one has a pocket in the leg. This is my uniform in the summer.

What do you guys think? Pre-orders are available now. I think they ship on the 15th of March. I might be spending a considerable chunk of change on this release. There are others too; a unitard, ballet leotard, two more raglan tops (one for men!!!), and a cool cardigan (I love the pockets).

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Jalie, Jalie, and Jalie Update

(I love this rug in my daughter’s room and so does she.) Well, She loves every single pieces of her new outfit. She LOVES the cardigan, she LOVES the dolman top (exactly the right amount of classy), and she loves the pants. They are a bit big for her so I rolled them up about two inches. They are loose in the leg and the waist but she’ll grow into them.
FullSizeRender (73)


But really, she loves them and had no advice on how to make them better. Illuminati confirmed.
FullSizeRender (74)
FullSizeRender (75)


Sparkle pockets were her favorite part of this whole outfit.
FullSizeRender (76)
FullSizeRender (77)FullSizeRender (78)

I have the older (by 13 minutes, thank you very much) sister’s outfit traced and will maybe cut them out tonight.


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Jalie, Jalie, and More Jalie

Both daughters want outfits. They are identical twins. Many of their friends still can’t tell them apart even though they’ve all been in school together for six years. Most people tell me that they look identical-identical (like VERY IDENTICAL). They couldn’t be more different little people. It amazes me sometimes.

Me: Okay Ladies, what are you thinking for outfits?

Well, let’s see. I want something that coordinates and I want it to be able to go with other things *flinging hands about*. I want something that is girly, but not too girly. Hahahahaha, you know me mom *throws head back and laughs dramatically*. Nothing like, you know, girly-girly. I want something that is, like comfortable, but not sloppy, you know? I think I want the main color to be purple, but maybe I’m done with purple? Is it too young? You know, I’m older now. I still like purple though *dramatic siiigh*. Maybe purple still. I really like that one cardigan you have mom, the purple one? The one with the pockets? I want one kind of like that. But it needs to go with something cool too. And there has to be sparkles, but not like over the top, you know, not too sparkly. I want to be classy, not trashy, mom. You know how sometimes you get, like, crazy with sparkles and glitter *rolls eyes*? Yea. No. That’s not going to work for me. So sparkles but subtle sparkles.

Me: *siiiigh*

Cora: Sweatshirt, cozy. Leggings, snug but not tight. Overall, warm.

Me: Copy that, Cora.

So here is my (hopefully) Bella-pleasing outfit. I tried to add “subtle sparkle” and make it “classy not trashy”. It started with a sketch which was approved.
FullSizeRender (59)

For the cardigan, I used Jalie 3248, the Drop Pocket Cardigan. I made the size N which is the size 10 equivalent. They are long like the size 10, but lean. The purple is a Merino wool and the ITY is from the dress I made recently (from the National City Swap Meet).
FullSizeRender (60)FullSizeRender (61)


Next, I made up the Jalie Dolman Top. I added “subtle sparkle” using an iron-on decal. I hope it’s subtle enough. Fabric is the from Nation City Swap Meet.
FullSizeRender (62)
FullSizeRender (63)


I think it looks nice with the cardigan.
FullSizeRender (64)


Next I made up the Jalie Eleonore Pull-On Jean which is one of my all-time favorites. I used plain thread but used the triple stitch to make it really stand out on the dark denim. This fabric is NOT from the National City Swap Meet (gasp!), but it is from San Diego. I can’t remember what the store is called but there was a remnant table with denim. This was a 1.25 yard chunk for $3.00.
FullSizeRender (65)


I hope she will think these are subtle bling because I love them!!
FullSizeRender (66)


I used the Omnimotion stitches on my new Viking to make the hearts and I used this amazing rhinestone stuff on the pockets.
FullSizeRender (67)


It took me many tries to get the design figured out. I love my new machine. I changed the width of the hearts to try to get them centered. I never got that done but it was fun to try out all these stitches.
FullSizeRender (69)


Here is the stuff I used on the pockets. It is rhinestones on plastic mesh. I just cut the shape I want and sew it down. The strip comes by the yard and it’s about four inches wide? I have three different colors; white rhinestones on black mesh, white rhinestones on silver mesh, orange rhinestones on silver mesh. This stuff comes from the National City Swap Meet and it’s AMAZING. I’ve never had a gem fall off and the stuff can be roughed up and washed. It does not stretch, at all. That’s the only downfall of it.
FullSizeRender (70)
FullSizeRender (71)FullSizeRender (72)

I think the outfit is cute and hope that she will approve and smile upon me. She is hard to please. I love the challenge. 🙂FullSizeRender (68)

Next up? The comfy outfit for Cora . . . https://jalie.com/jalie3461-eleonore-pull-on-jeans

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Pattern Throwdown: Stretch Pull-On Pants

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention please! It’s time for a Pattern Throwdown. Three pants patterns will enter the ring, but only one will emerge victorious! Your referee tonight is Jennifer W. from We Bought a Manor. Weighing in at “none of your business,” she is a rectangle from the front, an apple from the side…

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Tutorial: Lengthening Rise and Adding Pockets to Jalie Éléonore Pull-On Jeans

Right now the Jalie Éléonore Pull-On Jeans pattern is my favourite sewing pattern and I made three changes to make it mine! 1. I lengthened the rise by 1 3/4″ 2. I shortened the hidden elastic in the waistband by 2″, front and back 3. I changed the front yoke to a functional pocket Lengthening the Rise…

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Finally Up and Running!

I’m not going to lie. My house is in shambles, my purse is missing at the moment, and I have no idea where the moose meat is for dinner. But you know what? My sewing room is up and running and that’s something. I actually made something and it’s cute. It’s a total hack of this type of shirt (from Saks):


I, of course, used my Jalie TNT 2805 t-shirt. It was really easy. And pardon the not smiling. All the other pictures are too fuzzy, not good angles of the shirt, or something else. I’m not sure I’m in love with this print either. And can you tell it was taken by a little person, with a phone, from far away. Siiiigh. This, people, is why I have my own camera (somewhere) and a tripod (also somewhere).



Because I am that lame, I did not take pictures during construction. This is a super easy hack. You just cut it out like normal. Then you eyeball the amount and cut it off the top of the sleeves.


Then, hem or coverstitch the cut-off section of sleeve.


Oh look, directions. It’s easy. Trust. Notes for next time. I will open up the neckline a little and try the 3/4 length sleeves. The fit is nice and the cut-out is about right. I may make it a tiny bit smaller next time.


I probably will only be posting a bit on my blog while I try to organize my new house and deal with the holiday season. Fun fact: We hosted Thanksgiving this year with camp chairs and tables on saw horses. There were 25 people and we ate two turkeys, ham, and a prime rib. (And I got an Instant Pot and I’m in love.)


More later! Promise!

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The last of the dancewear – Jalie Patterns to the rescue

A sewing tangent – dancewear for my daugher. Three outfits! Continue reading

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Drapey Cardigan Battle: Jalie 2919 vs Swoon Scarf Neck

I had the Jalie cardigan in my fall plans and was excited to sew it up in the wool jersey I’ve been hoarding for awhile. I snagged a 3.5 yard cut for $22 total last summer and knew it would be used for a cardigan. I made McCall’s 6696 from wool jersey …

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Finally, a Jalie Bella Dress for ME!

I’ve made this dress so many times this summer. It fits so well, it’s such a fun dress, and it goes together very easily. I have made (not even kidding here) six other Bella dresses this summer for all the little girls in my life. That’s how much of a winner it is. For my version, I used another Liverpool knit and just did my regular size. I made the sleeves 3/4 length.


It’s kind of a crazy print, isn’t it? I love it. It looks kind of washed out in the pictures but I think that’s because it is so bright in the background and that makes the foreground dark.


I love the dip at the back neckline.


This double knit has an interesting texture and I love it. It is very bright and fun. I promise I’m moving on and making something else. Really!!! Have you made one of these yet? I have three in my closet I wear often.

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Ottobre 05-2016 #8 Knit Tunic

Phew, I kow it’s been a while. I’ve actually been sewing up a storm, I just haven’t had a chance to sit and photograph it all, edit the pictures, and blog them.

I got the Women’s Ottobre the other day and there are several things I like in it. The one calling me the loudest was this slouchy, cowl-neck tunic. I love this thing. I generally find that Ottobre’s size 34 is a little wide one on me but that is their smallest size. For this, I added my inch between neck and bust (leaving armholes alone) and then pinched out an inch in each panel. Now I can tell that was a little excessive in the bust. I realized after I made this that that would be four inches total in girth!  (Hello, sewing while drinking wine)What’s funny is that it’s about right for the girth. I could use a bit more in the bust, but overall, it’s exactly how I would want a slouchy shirt like this to fit. What really drew me to this pattern was the exposed seam in the front. They have you use a narrow rolled hem as the CF and CB seam. I really like how it turned out. I’ve never thought of doing something like that before. I wasn’t sure it would be strong enough to really hold the shirt together but it works great.


I used a yellow-orange (yorange? or-ello?) thread for the rolled seam. I used the same stitch on the hem and cowl edge. It came out more lettuce-y because of the stretch of the fabric.


It still seems a bit wide in the shoulders.


Here’s a close-up of the CF seam. Kind of cool, eh?


This is the wrong side of the CF for reference.

I’m really happy with this top and I’ll probably make another one. There are also several other patterns in this magazine I want to try.




Who can resist a wrap dress?


I just love simple knit dresses.


This skirt is cute and I love the diagonal seam.


This one I kind of adore. I have it on my cutting table right now. I love the giant pockets and the cut-on sleeves.



And I’m always looking for the perfect casual tights. Believe it, or not, but I don’t own the Jalie version of these! What? I know! And speaking of Jalie, when are they releasing patterns?


I have a few more things to show you guys, but be patient. My job just started again and coaching starts next week. And I have a big race this weekend. Phew!

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July Wrap-up and August Plans

Seriously…it’s August? Already?!This month I sewed 14.5 yardsVogue 9056 top in black & white striped ponte – 1 yardJalie 2921 tops in printed ITY and blue modal jersey – 2 yards totalNew Look 6301 dress in printed jersey – 2.5 yardsButterick 6060…

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Jalie 2805 Hack – T-shirt to Dress

Jalie 2805 is just a t-shirt pattern. A boring ol’ knit top pattern that can be the base for so many things. So. Many. Things. I just adore this pattern. I’ve used it as a “boring ol’ knit top” too because it fits well every time and there are four different necklines and four different sleeve options. Anyway, I’ve really been on this graphic black-and-white kick for a while now and I had this fun knit, and I wanted something fun and easy. And zebra dress was born! Here I’m wearing it with my red leather Burda Obi belt from 2009!!
FullSizeRender (94)


I love, love, love this belt from the back.
FullSizeRender (95)


You can see the bodice in the front is a little too high. When I wear a thin belt, the belt hangs on my natural waist which is about an inch lower than the seam.
FullSizeRender (92)


The back is about exactly where my natural waist is.
FullSizeRender (93)


You can see even with this tick, chunky belt that it is below the seam. I hate that! I do love these shoes though.
FullSizeRender (90)
FullSizeRender (91)


Instead of using a t-shirt type neckline, I folded it under and stitched. I wanted the neck a bit more open.
FullSizeRender (97)


And what the heck kind of fabric is this stuff? It’s kind of crinkly on the top layer and smooth underneath. It has lots of horizontal stretch and a little vertical stretch. I assume it’s a double knit because of the two distict layers (one crinkly and one flat). I’m sure it is mostly polyester. I bought this at the National City Swap Meet. It was $2.00/yard and I really like it, I just don’t know what to call it.
FullSizeRender (98)

Quick Directions for making your own:

  1. I used Jalie 2805 and estimated where I thought my waist would be (note to myself: add an inch to this, you do-do!). On this pattern, the waist seems to be where the side seam notches are. Remember to add a seam allowance to this new “cut line”. When I sewed the top, I made extra wide seam allowances at the waist so it would be more fitted.
  2. I then went to the Circle Skirt App by By Hand and typed in my measurements. I used the Quarter skirt. For my waist measurement, I used the circumference of my t-shirt bodice. I originally wanted a half circle skirt, by didn’t have enough fabric. Oh, and this is the “mini” length so you can see it isn’t that mini.
  3. Sew up your skirt, attach it to your bodice and do all the hems. Voila, new fun dress!
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Top-a-Palooza! Jalie 2921 and Vogue 9056

I own a handful of Jalie patterns and have been meaning to try them. Boy am I glad I finally did! On PR there are 117 reviews and it’s owned by 644. And you know that a chunk of that 117 is probably for duplicates (as mine is!).I read reviews of some o…

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New Capsule Wardrobe (Hint: I LOVE it!)

Okay, so remember how I’ve been working on this whole “wardrobe idea”? Well, I’m done and I freaking love it!

Here was my original idea. See this post for how I came up with the number of each item. I only ended up changing one thing. The plain blue tank was changed into the gray/silver tank. I actually did make the blue tank but the fabric and pattern didn’t work well together. The fabric was nice, but it was too thick for this pattern. It’s okay though, because I think just a blue tank would have bee too boring.


Here are all the pieces together. My key, I realized, was zany tops paired with very neutral bottoms and what Audrey calls “completer pieces”, my cardigans.


Look, you could easily pack for a two week trip with just this many clothes (well, and underwear – please pack underwear).


And here are a few of my favorite combinations. I pretty much like everything with the orange cardigan and blue eternity scarf. They make everything look luxe. I did make an orange scarf out of linen, but it didn’t call to me as much as the blue scarf. You can see it only once out of 24 sample outfits in the collage photo.


I love this scarf-collar top too. THE. BEST. colors in this top, really. And the cardigan just goes perfectly with it!! I also really love the orange/gray t-shirt. My least favorite pieces are probably the gray crop jeans (they seem just a tad too cropped) and the blue cardigan (too billowy??). I will still wear everything. I love it all!


These get bigger if you click on them. I didn’t want to kill you slowly with 800 large photos. Just because I’ve crazy excited doesn’t mean you have to endure that. Which is your favorite?



Oh, and thank you SO MUCH for all the fitting advice on my last post. I will have to work on her stuff next!

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June Wrap-Up and Midyear Check-in

Err. This is an epic post of epicness…Don’t say I didn’t I warn you.This month I sewed 10 1/4 yards:Style Arc Cara top in floral cotton (lawn?): 1 yardBurda 05/2016 #113 dress-as-nightshirt in floral knit and striped/patterned knit: 3 yards totalBurd…

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Capsule Wardrobe for Me

I’ve been really interested in this capsule wardrobe idea for a while now. Yes, I’ve done the SWAP on Pattern Review and even won it once. But for some reason, I never seem to wear those peices often or together. I hate, hate, hate having those pieces in your wardrobe that take up space and never really go with anything. I’ve been pinning capsule wardrobes for a while now (all my other boards on Pinterest) and I want to do one on my own just to see if I will actually wear everything together. Eventually I want to make a school appropriate capsule wardrobe for my kids. Especially the little one. She tends to either 1) wear the same items over and over again, or 2) wear all her crazy print pieces together. I think if I made a wardrobe and put up little pictures/drawings for her, she could pick and choose what goes together and actually look somewhat put together.

I have really fallen in love with the blog, PuttingMeTogether.com. She’s got great easy stuff and I like her laid back style. She’s got some great tips on how to make a mix and match wardrobe. She has a quick and easy formula and that’s what I’m using for this little experiement. I’ll be modifying this just a bit to include two scarves and as many damn pairs of shoes as I want. 🙂 This is from my closet, not for a trip.

(from: PuttingMeTogether.com)

  • 4 tops
  • 3 different colored bottoms – skirts, pants, shorts, etc.  Each bottom needs to go with at least 3 out of 4 tops, but you’ll maximize your outfits if they each go with all tops.
  • 3 completer pieces – The more different they are from each other, the more varied your outfits will look.  For example, a vest looks and provides a much different feeling for an outfit than a cardigan while two cardigans of different colors might feel the same after a while.  Not always, though!  And if you don’t care as much about outfit variety then it doesn’t matter either.  This year I went with a pullover sweater instead of a third completer piece.  I like how it worked out!
  • 2 pairs of shoes – I usually limit it to just 2, and in this case it’s a pair of riding boots and a pair of ankle boots.  They’re both neutrals so I can wear either of them with any outfit. 
  • 1 scarf – Usually I’ve gone with 2 scarves, but this year I only felt the need for one and I think it worked out fine.  Plus, I realized scarves are actually kind of chunky and take up as much, if not more, packing space than adding another top.  I could have easily added a 5th top in the place of that 2nd scarf that I didn’t pack.  
  • A handful of necklaces – This year I think I only used 2 necklaces, whereas in the past I might have used more.  I think it’s because I brought more patterned pieces this time. 


Here’s what I’ve come up with (shocking they are mostly Jalie, I know):
IMG_6493FullSizeRender (85)

You can see I went with a blue/orange group of colors. If you followed along with my last SWAP from Pattern Review, you will know this is totally different than last time. I’ll give you guys updates along the way. I’m not planning on putting these pieces into rotation until the whole she-bang is done. Then I’ll take a billion pictures and you can let me know if you like the whole concept start to finish.


And because my dog is hairy, cute, and wet right now.

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Jalie 3462 – Cora Shorts

I already ran 10 miles this morning so this is the real-deal picture. No make-up and no primping for you people. I made another pair of these Cora shorts from Jalie. I love these shorts for running long distances.


Here’s what I love the most about this pattern. The GIANT pocket. I fit my iPhone 6 and two sets of keys in this pocket this morning. Nothing bounced, jiggled, or moved. The pocket is awesome.


Here the phone is in the pocket. You can see how it fits in there.


The solid is a wicking polyester from Heddy’s in Las Vegas. The water color print is a poly/spandex from Spandex House. It looks like clouds and the sky at sunset. It’s a fun print. It’s the first print on this search page.


I’ve made this pattern several times and I’ve always been very happy with it. The only modification I make is longer elastic because I don’t like tight things around my waist when I run.


I have a fun project coming up!! Stay tuned!

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Jalie Leotards

As you know (maybe), my neice is a big gymnast. I make leotards for her. She really likes glitter, glam, and pizazz while Dad likes a little modesty with the gym-short type of leg. I loved this Jalie 3465 pattern for a while but I am lazy when it comes to modifying patterns. Then I was looking at something recently and literally had a forehead-slapping moment. I totally forgot that Jalie 3465 and 3466 have interchangeable bottoms!! How awesome is that? Look at all my options!! And no modification for the Lazy-Dawn-Beast. Look! There are my boy short bottoms!!



This is the bodice piece on Jalie 3465, truly bizarre. The part on top is the bodice.
FullSizeRender (64)


1) How FREAKING cute is this leotard. 2) How FREAKING big is my dog??
FullSizeRender (65)


The back is my favorite part. The only part that doesn’t please me is that she won’t be able to undo-redo the clasp by herself. These are my twins showing off the two leotards. My twins are smaller than my neice. She is definitely more muscular and these will look better on her. You can tell these are too big around on the torso.
FullSizeRender (66)


Here is the other one. Same things, different colors.
FullSizeRender (67)


See how ripply it is around the side of the bodice? Too big for this girl, but it will fit the cousin just fine.
FullSizeRender (69)
FullSizeRender (70)


On the mesh, they have you serge on 1/4” elastic, flip it to the wrong side, and topstitch it with a zig zag. I LOVE this finish!
FullSizeRender (72)


These are winging their way to San Diego as we speak.

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