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This Guy

I’m just going to get right to the point.  I am about to be an empty nester.  Remember that awful sit-com in the eighties- Empty Nest?  Well, my son is going to graduate this year and seems set on moving away from home to go to college. …

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Heritage, designed by Alina Schneider, is complete!  Stitches were ripped and compromises made, but I did it and the fit is perfect.  Like the other designs I have knitted from Alina, this pattern was very well written.  And the finished…

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This all started about a year ago.  Things were calming down in my life after a long spell of crisis.   My daily schedule was starting to look like a normal mom’s and I was getting a decent amount of sleep each night.  We had also succes…

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Giant Sigh of Relief Project

Cumberland is my palate cleanser between sweater projects for the Brooklyn Knitfolk Hipster KAL.  I realize I won’t finish both Heritage (below) and Feya before it ends, but the point is that it has motivated me to begin something that’s not a Fad…

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Blog Plans vs Planned Obsolescence

It doesn’t matter how we stagger our device purchases, they all seem to become outmoded for our needs at the exact same time, every one developing issues that can’t be totally addressed without addressing another’s issues first.  It’s like an obno…

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Saguaro Blossom Hat

The last hat I indulged in during the Any Hat KAL is the Saguaro Blossom Hat by Anne Podlesak.  I found this pattern in her Free Spirit Knits book, during an Interweave sale,  Have you seen the patterns from this book?  I am amazed …

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When your pom pom has a life of it’s own, you know it’s the correct size.

Now, my regular blogging can begin.  Now, that all of the hurricane clean-up/ moving my daughter is finished.  Now that I have completed my first week as a BSF CL (doesn’t that sound important?) and feel more confident.  Now that I am ba…

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A Long Journey, Literally

Something…something got finished for the Summer Sweater Knit-Along through all of this vacation, then hurricane, craziness.  I didn’t think it would happen when I had to frog my Heritage, but I picked my Journey back up.  Who would’ve thoug…

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Gathered Around Me

I’m still working on my Marley shawl, but my Gather, another Andrea Mowry design, is now complete.  It isn’t easy to stand outside in a wool/ linen shawl right now.  It’s not easy to stand outside, period.  I toughed it out for…

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The Orri Shawl

I am fresh from family vacation, where I had no connection with the outside world for about 2 weeks.   It wasn’t the kind of vacation that’s all about relaxing.  It was more the making up for lost time kind of trip,and it was really good. &nb…

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Hipster KAL

I knew I would be taking part in the Summer Sweater KAL, that’s a given.  But when I heard Brooklyn Knitfolk’s Jaclyn talk about how over “fade” projects she is and how she’s starting the Hipster KAL for lesser known knitting designs, I …

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Summer Sweater Knit-along Plans

I’m so excited about the beginning of the Summer Sweater KAL!  I had a million things on the
needles in June, but now I’m down to six.  This is really good, my friends.  I expect 2 will be off the needles by the time I return from vacation.  Of course, all of this maturity has given me the urge to go insane planning more projects than I can possibly manage for this KAL.   And planning more road tripping knitting than will comfortably fit in my car.  And pretending I’ll have room for two projects in my backpack on our hike.

Why don’t you hop a ride on the Crazy Train and pretend with me.  All images are linked to their ravelry pages so you can go a little nuts too.

There’s Journey, which may be finished before the KAL begins

Heritage will be what I begin with the group on Cast On day.  I’m knitting it in a tonal gray.

The Feya cardigan, by Amy Christoffers, will be my second cast on for the KAL.  This totally makes me think of high school.

Speaking of high school, Libby Jonson’s Timely makes me think of cardigans I wore then, too.  I want a navy and white striped version.

I’m dying to try knitting a fingering weight yarn held together with a lace weight mohair, like in Soirée

The Sourcebook Chunky Cardigan needs no flowery description.

Then, I want a Quadrillion, but not a regular Quadrillion.  It has to have a neckline exactly like Alaina’s (below).  Luckily she and other raveler’s have detailed notes.

Then there’s the classic Boxy sweater by Joji, the v-neck version.

Again, I want to copy Isabell.

What will you be knitting for your Summer Sweater?

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Perfect Day

Here’s what my perfect day in Galveston looks like.  First, you get in the ferry line early enough to eat brunch at Mosquito Cafe.  We like the walnut crusted brie and shrimp tacos. Then, I piddle around on The Strand, checking out creepy dol…

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Some Jewelry

Maybe you have noticed the jewelry I wear in some of my blog posts.  I don’t know, maybe no one reads blogs anymore.  But, I’ve had these photos of some of my favorite Native Clutter jewelry for a long time, meaning to tell you guys…

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Seaside Colors

I’ve spent some time at the beach recently.  I can never get enough of the blues and browns.  Also, I want to dump some photos.(more on my flickr and instagram)

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Roadtrip Knits all Mapped Out

Thanks to everyone who chimed in about how to tackle all my works-in-progress!  I have a plan now.I’ve already cleared my work space by blocking 3 knits yesterday.  Thanks to sweltering summers, they are already dry and photo ready.  But…

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BRK and BRP, Pwned

Brioche got served today.  It’s been taunting me for 12 years, lurking in the back corners of my brain since I was a new knitter and tried to knit this Interweave sweater pattern.  It is an awesome design, but was not at all beginner-compatible.  It did, however, turn out to be rage-compatible.

tried again 7 years ago.  Same sweater, same doofy issues.  There was a flurry of needles and yarn, maybe an expletive, and somehow I ended up with a perfectly fitting Oatmeal sweater (by Jane Richmond) in 70’s potholder colored yarn.  I got destroyed by Brioche, again. I keep meaning to dye that Oatmeal…

Then I took a Stripes class with Veera Välimäki.  If anyone could heal me of my brioche skills deficiency, surely she could.  I so wish I’d taken a pic of the knitted puke I created that day.  All I have is this photo of the humble set-up row, which looks normal.

Trust me, though, when I say it was bad.  Veera patted my shoulder and said, “It’s okay.  You’ll get it.”  It’s not her fault.  It’s Brioche’s.

All that is to say that I have finally arrived, my knitting friends!  I decided to set aside a whole morning/ afternoon/ some of the evening to figure out the Marley shawl pattern by Andrea Mowry.  She’s got all these great patterns, but the hitch is that many require knowledge of this infuriating stitch.

So, I did it and I have these photos to prove it.  Of course, I did have to re-knit this beginning part two times after taking these photos because I still can’t read my stitches well enough to fix mistakes.  But, brioche… brioche!

I read Andrea’s directions over and over, watched a ton of tutorials and then checked this Briochestitch site, where it finally clicked.  I don’t know why.  It pretty much said just what my pattern did.  Maybe it was a day full of stitch immersion that did it.  Anyway, now I am ready for all these “Hot Right Now” brioche thingies.
Bring it, Andrea and Stephen!

By the way, don’t you love this golden snitch progress keeper from Owls on Dantes?  
(more on ravelry, instagram, and flickr)
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20 Things About Me

I was tagged by Andrea on Instagram some time ago, but I thought I’d post it here because I should’ve been doing that sort of thing all along:@theknitpicky tagged me for #20thingsaboutme like a week ago, sorry Andrea.  So… 1. I talk for my pets,…

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Collecting Myself

Will you sit with me a minute as I collect my thoughts and work on Gather?  I am missing my friend and am a little numb, so I’m going to show you photos of knitting and act like it’s a healing therapy. And you know that it is.  It’s just not …

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Be My Accountability

I’m finally at a place where I don’t want to cast on every thing I see and I need your help.  I want to finish up all of the lingering knits-in-progress and straighten up my crafting space.  That would be  my side of the couch and the fl…

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My best friends are together now.  I am happy for them, but I’m still sad for me.  I don’t feel up to composing a post that is worthy of her right now, but I will say that she was a beautiful example of a loving, Christian grandmother, a moth…

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While Waiting for a Ball

I finally tried a Wool and the Gang pattern!  I love the Tommy Top, but I needed a little more yarn to finish.  I think I knit it at a tighter gauge than instructed, maybe that’s why I ran low.  I could’ve ripped back and blah, blah, bla…

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Let me start by saying these photos are kind of the pits.  Ocean spray, as in the ferry- not the juice, got on my lens and it wouldn’t cooperate the rest of the day. Waterrock, by Jennifer Kelley of Appalachian Knits, is the perfect summer project…

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Kinton Tee

My daughter and I took a little day trip to Galveston as, sort of, an in-case-you-move-soon thing.  I didn’t want the summer to get away from us and miss an opportunity for some quality time.  Of course, I also pressured her to take photos of…

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Lace and Variegated

I have several one or two skein sets of variegated yarn that I’m not quite sure how to use.  I know I can always do socks, but I am pretty much done with socks for a while.  When it comes to heavily patterned things, like shawls, I don’t ofte…

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Hello, Nature

This is my written ode to the trees that keep me sane.  How I have missed you!  Come to mama.I need to be out of doors.  Truly.  It was lesson number 1 of my back sprain quarantine.  (Other lessons included- chairs are evil, do…

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Knot Tyer and Proud of It

Is it tier or tyer?  Whatever.  I wanted to post my progress on my Waterrock vest and Kinton tee, both by Jennifer Kelley of Appalachian Knits, but you’ll have to prepare yourself because you’re about to see the seedy underbelly of the knitti…

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Triple Dip

The Tops Tanks and Tees Knit-along surprised me this year.  I already had a summer-weight sweater going so I’m jumping in with a WIP this year.  I don’t usually do that because I love the excitement of group cast on, but I did get to cast thi…

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Two Knits

First, I should probably apologize for this post because I’m writing it while listening to a playlist of random favorites.  At the moment, Neil Diamond’s Holly Holy is playing.  It’s distracting.This playlist makes me happy and sad …

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Baby Granny Stripe Blanket

I guess I can post this blanket now that it’s been gifted and the recipient has been born.  It made me so happy to think of the loving home she would grow up in as I worked on this blanket.  I was also excited that her parents loved it becaus…

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