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Getaway to Holden Beach

We had the most fabulous little stay at Holden Beach, NC recently, and I thought I would share a few snapshots. I’m so sad I didn’t take more pictures, but we really did just disconnect from the world and connect with our friends. So maybe I’m not so sad after all 😉 It was our […]

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10 Tips for a Fantastic Zoo Trip

Going to the zoo can be a great way to spend the day as a family. There is so much to see and talk about, and great memories can be made. However, like most family outings, there is also the potential for the trip not to turn out how you had imagined. Having taken our…

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After too many years to count of speedy sewing, trying to get things done quickly, I have become enamored of slow sewing. Why? For one thing, I don’t really need many clothes…I have so much and lead a fairly quiet life (Clothes-wise). For a…

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Last from Hawaii

 I’m trying to figure out how two weeks have gone by since our trip to Oahu for my in-laws’ 50th wedding anniversary, but I can’t decide if it feels like ages ago or if it feels like yesterday. It’s been a whirlwind, to say the least. Give me the sun, sand and a warm beach […]

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Why You Should Travel With Your Preschooler

This post is inspired and sponsored by Walt Disney World® Resort and Scholastic. So often I hear parents say they’re planning a trip when their kids are older. They’re worried that their young kids won’t remember the trip, so the experience will be wasted. But you know what? Some of my best vacations have been with…

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Abandoned along the Highway

As mentioned in my post about Rock-a-Hoola, I love photographing abandoned locations, and we stumbled upon quite a few during our road trip, dotted in between tiny towns, and miles of fields. So here is quite the picture heavy post of what happens when buildings get left behind… The next 11 photos are from what remains […]

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Vintage Reno Signs

I literally took thousands of photos on our road trip, 3322 to be exact. Most were of abandoned buildings and killer vintage signs, which are my two favorite things to photograph, and our road trip was full of them! So much so my photos are coming to you in three, yes, three, separate posts! First […]

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A Lemony Turner in Havana

I’d be warned before, and never quite believed it. But it’s true: when you make your hobby into your job, something… shifts. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE sewing! And I do it all the time. But it’s not longer my “ahhhhh now I can turn off my brain from work” activity, because whether {…Continue Reading}

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The Neon Museum

If you only go to one museum in Las Vegas, it should be the Neon Museum. The Neon Museum is rich in what made Las Vegas famous – neon. That spectacular glow of gases swirling inside glass made the lure of Las Vegas so bright and people flocked. Sadly though, over the years, many motels, hotels, […]

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The Mob Museum

Patrick and I are finally home from our road trip to Idaho! Why Idaho? Well, my grandfather on my mom’s side passed away, so we went for his services, but I figured if we had to go, why not make the best of it, and do a road trip? The first stop on our trip was […]

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Free Sewing Pattern – French Seam Zippered Pouch

Free Sewing Pattern – French Seam Zippered Pouch

PATTERN DETAILS This simple zippered pouch pattern with french side seams, the pouch is quick to sew and great for everyday use. With instructions to make the pouch in any size, you are able to make the pouch truly work for you! Featuring covered zipper ends and no exposed seams the finished pouch appears professional […]

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A Breton Top and a Danish adventure with Stoff & Stil

Like the Nancy Dress I just posted, this top has become another wardrobe favourite. It came as a bit of a surprise to me as this drop shouldered, loose fit isn’t one I naturally gravitate towards. I had in my head that this shape probably wouldn’t be a…

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Los Angeles, California Travel Guide

As many of you may already know, my husband, Trey, and I decided to live and work from…

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Portable Needlepoint

School’s out, vacation and pool time is here, but you want to needlepoint. All your projects are big, too big to stash easily in your beach bag, tote, or carry on. What’s a stitcher to do? There are two keys to portable needlepoint — size and sturdiness. Pick Sturdy Threads Let’s talk sturdiness first. You […]

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Completed: Craftsmanship Bag

Hi! Another bag post today 🙂 I’ve been making clothes – tons of clothes – but haven’t had the will to drag myself in front of a camera quite yet. Also, my sewing mojo completely disappeared for a minute there, and this particular project is responsible for reviving it – so it seems appropriate to […]

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Staycation Ideas for Families

I have to say that this year, I know a LOT of families opting for staycations for one reason or another.  We’ve done it ourselves.  Staycation ideas for families are really, well, way more fun than I had expected! Although we love to travel with our kids, sometimes it’s not always feasible.  The logistics of planning…

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10 Disney Character Topiaries You Have to See to Believe

10 Disney Character Living Sculpture TopiariesThere’s immeasurable magic to be found in Disney films and theme parks.  Animators bring make-believe characters to life on the big screen and Disney Imagineers turn Disney films into something tangible inside of the theme parks. There’s another lesser-known part of the Disney magic team that works relentlessly all year to bring Disney’s most beloved…

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Palm Springs Village Green Museums

Patrick and I just returned home from a week in Palm Springs, like we do every March, as Patrick has an annual work conference there. During this year’s visit I spent a lot time at museums, and finally visited several small museums that are all clustered together. Located in the heart of Palm Springs is the […]

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Over the weekend Patrick and I visited Corriganville Park, the former location of Corriganville, an amusement park of sorts from 1949 to 1965. Corriganville was built by movie and TV actor Ray Bernard, but better known as Crash Corrigan. After going on a hunting trip in Simi Valley with fellow actor, Clark Gable, in 1935, […]

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10 Gadgets To Make Traveling With Babies A Breeze

10 Gadgets To Make Traveling With Babies A BreezeTraveling with a baby sounds scary… especially if you are going to be on an airplane or in a car for a long period of time. There is some great advice out there about how to keep them happy and calm during your trip, but today I want to talk about the stuff. The gadgets…

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My Trip to Egypt!

All right, y’all! I’m home, I’m settled, my fabric has been pre-washed (oh yes, I bought fabric) and I’ve sorted through the mounds of photos I took during the 10 days I spent in Egypt. Now it’s time to post about it! To be honest, when I originally planned and booked this trip, I wasn’t […]

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Happy New Year!Here we are, 9:00 pm on New Year’s Eve, in a motel room in Pella, Iowa,drinking champagne out of plastic glasses to toast the coming year. We were probably asleep by 10…such an exciting life!We were in Pella for our eldest grandson’s w…

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ATTENTION London Folks! Bra Making with Madalynne with The New Craft House

Attention London, UK, and all European folks! Good news! The ladies of The New Craft House will be hosting a Bra Making Workshop this February, teaching how to make the Madalynne X Simplicity 8228 and 8229 patterns (read more about each pattern here). Truly, I had such a great time co-hosting a workshop last May, and

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Bra Making With Madalynne 2017: Sign Up Now!

It was almost 2 years ago that I hosted my first Bra Making with Madalynne workshop. If somebody told me then that 24 months later, I’d still be hosting them, I would not have believe them. No way in h**l! It’s been an incredible 2 years of teaching. Incredible. Sewing is a solitary habit and through teaching, I

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HI DARLINGS! We are getting ready to hit the road on some short trips for the holidays, and we are all looking forward to that. The kids pack their bags with fun stuff to keep them busy on the road and Bubby never leaves home without his KINDLE E-READER. I love that my kids all […]


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More time has passed that I had anticipated…but the memories of the Paris
trip are still warming my heart!

photo by Shams

 This was at the large flea market at Clignancourt, which Shams and I visited to test our Metro skills before the Tilton Tour began. A lotta red!

One of the thrills for me was the evening boat trip on the Seine, in the rain. In all my trips to Paris, I had never done this, and it was magical!

We had a few days of rain on the trip, but not pouring, and for this California
girl, the rain was welcome! Here are the beautiful clouds after a storm.

 The cool weather made dishes like this bouillabaisse all the more welcome…

 Here I am at Cafe Strada for a quick lunch with Shams…

 photo by Shams

I amused myself by taking a “Shamsian” shadow portrait…

and this is a photo of me at the Musée Galliera…

There’s that sillhouette again!


I was pretty happy with my choices for the travel wardrobe; I took more clothes than usual, mainly because we were staying in the same room in the same hotel for a little over two weeks. Not having to continually re-pack and schlep a suitcase from place to place was a 
true luxury.

I wore everything I took except for the last-minute red pants. I preferred wearing jeans and I had red jeans in the suitcase, added after this storyboard was made, which were better suited for the weather. 

I also wore the Minoru Coat, the inspiration for the wardrobe, only once. Again, the other jackets and raincoat were better suited to the weather.

I LOVED my raincoat and wore it often.

I wore all the tops a lot; the silver shirt jacket not so much. Again, turtlenecks plus vest plus jacket or coat was more suited to the weather.

I wore all the vests (except for the “Keith Haring” one, which I pulled out at the last moment), and didn’t wear the poncho. I find ponchos a little fussy at the best of times, and it just didn’t suit the occasion and the weather.

I wore all my boots/shoes (bought 4 more in Paris, of course!), both hats (bought some hats,

too!)and both bags. I carried the Professional Tote as my plane carry-on, coming and returning, and used it several times in Paris. I need to add a strap to it so that I can wear it

So, I’m pleased with the wardrobe; again, I wouldn’t take quite as much if I was traveling from place-to-place.I took just the right amount of jewelry and scarves, and the only reason I had
to buy a new suitcase was because of the shopping I did!

I cannot emphasize strongly enough the joy that I experienced on this trip…Marcy and Katherine are the perfect leaders, sensitive to the needs and desires of the group, extremely knowledgeable about where to go in Paris, and a heck of a lot of fun to be with! DO IT!

I made a very good potato recipe last night...Crispy Parmesan Potato Stacks… I halved the

recipe and we’re having the other half tonight! Highly recommended!

Books? I just finished reading My Name is Lucy Barton, by Elizabeth Strout, and enjoyed it quite a bit. I haven’t been spending much time in the studio, so the Audible book I’m listening to, Moonglow, by Michael Chabon, is still being listened to. It’s good, so far!

Teddy is growing and thriving…he turns 7 months on the 20th. Here he is in my office…

and this is our usual view of him in the kitchen while we are cooking dinner…

I probably won’t post again till after the holidays…we are having a quiet Christmas, and leave for Iowa on the 29th to attend our oldest grandson’s wedding on New Year’s Eve. I am watching the weather reports to make sure I take enough warm clothing.

A very happy holiday to those of you who celebrate, and to those who don’t…

from Margy, Dave, Teddy and Micmac

I will be hanging out over at Patti’s Visible Mondays; come on over and say hi!


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An Inside Look at “FROZEN Ever After” at Walt Disney World

FROZEN Ever After at Walt Disney WorldHave you heard the news? Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida has opened an all new attraction in Epcot and it’s all about Anna, Elsa, Sven and Olaf. It’s FROZEN Ever After! And it has taken the place of the Malestrom boat ride in World Showcase’s Norway pavilion. This attraction is still commanding significant…

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Inn on the Beach

We are back from a few days away, along the gulf coast of Florida. It was our first trip, just Scofield and I, since Piper was born. It was just as hard as I imagined it would be to leave her for a few nights, but it was also very needed. We slept in, lounged […]

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New Workshops for 2017! (plus some workshop FAQs)

Hey everyone! Just a quick update to let y’all know about a few workshops upcoming for the beginning of 2017! Just in time for the holiday-buying season, ha😉 Weekend Garment Workshop at Finch Sewing Studio February 24-26, 2017 Finch Knitting & Sewing Studio, Leesburg, VA Join me for another open sewing workshop, this time in […]

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10 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Tips You Need to Know

10 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Tips You Need to KnowThere’s just something magical about the holiday season at Disney World. Don’t miss the event of the season with these 10 tips for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! 1. Your Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Ticket will get you into the Magic Kingdom as early as 4 p.m. This special hard ticket Walt Disney World event…

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