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A 1930’s Floral Caped Dress

Hello lovelies! I am thrilled to share this dress with you that I made to wear to the Gatsby Summer Afternoon this year.  This is actually the first 1930’s dress that I’ve made!  I did make a 1930’s skirt two years ago, but that’s it for my 30’s sewing.  It seems quite odd that I’ve […]

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The 1950’s Robin Hood Dress

Hi friends! I’m so happy to share this dress with you!  It’s a dress that I not only love immensely, but one that means an awful lot to me as the fabric is not only vintage, but it is a treasure that I recently unearthed.  A couple of months ago, I started going through some […]

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A 1960’s Floral Dress [Simplicity 1059]

Hi, friends! First, I want to thank all of you for your comments on my recent post about the terrible wildfire that burned our ranch.  It’s still incredibly sad to look out over the burned pastures, destroyed homes and areas resembling moonscapes in my county.  So many people were displaced and are rebuilding their lives, […]

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All the ruffles

It all started with a Sachin & Babi dress that I fell instantly in love with. At that point, I wasn’t truly intending on making a dress, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how I would do it, if I ever decided to go ahead with it. I actually had the most perfect fabric in […]

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My winter uniform

I should have titled this post “4 skirts from the same pattern + 1 with a slight variation”.  However, the reason I sewed 5 skirts in the past 1-2 months is due to a “perfect storm” of three independent events:  on-going discussion I’ve been having with my good friend of mine + an epiphany I had recently + a tear-inducing haircut, which all added up to = my winter uniform 2016.

My friend Edie

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Undocumented Garments of 2015

I don’t need to review my year to recognize that I didn’t blog a lot this year!   I sewed a lot less and had a lot less time to take photos and write posts, just in general.  But I sewed more than I reported, so instead of reviewing my “hits and misses” of 2015, I decided to post a photo or two of each garment I didn’t blog about when I made it.  I just spent an hour digging through my wardrobe

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Leather wrap skirt

Remember the last wrap skirt I made? Well, not long after I made it, I spotted this Tibi skirt on Instagram. And as fortune would have it, I had just the right amount of (Perfection fused) leather leftover in my stash. I’m not exactly sure how this leather is made. It looks convincing but it definitely doesn’t compare to genuine lambskin. It is very affordable and easy to sew. The underside is fabric and the outer is leather. I find it doesn’t press/glue quite as neatly as the real stuff, but it is lightweight, quite fluid, and without flaws, which makes sewing with it very economical. I used the same basic pattern as my last wrap skirt. It is a very simple modification on a pencil skirt (details here). However, this time I created a facing instead of a waistband and added a strap to wrap around my waist and tie secure at a silver ring. I didn’t line this skirt because the fabric backed leather didn’t require it. This is a fun skirt. I’ll enjoy wearing it …

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Grainline Archer // vintage sheet shirt

So, I loved Miss Seven’s vintage sheet shirt so much that I just had to make my own. Here it is. My Grainline Archer has been modified to accommodate my standard broad back/long arm/height requirements. I also added a classic, tailored sleeve placket, and two fish eye darts in the back.    

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Vintage McCall’s 6497 // A shirt for Miss Seven

My original plan was to make Miss Seven a pair of pink cigarette pants to go with her new coat. However, I fell in love with every view on the front of this pattern cover and I thought I’d try out the shirt first. I used more of my vintage sheet set to make this shirt. The print looks so lovely in a shirt that I’m planning to make myself one now too. The pattern went together beautifully. My only complaint was to do with the sleeve cap ease, but I find excessive sleeve cap ease a fairly common feature of old patterns. Next time I’ll shave some height of the sleeve cap so it can be set in a lot easier. I made this pattern up in a size 8, which corresponded quite well with Miss Seven and a half’s chest measurement. I expected it to be a little bigger on her than it is though. However, it would stand to reason that she has lovely broad shoulders like her mother. The torso fit is lovely and it looks comfortable. I …

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"Shorts on the Line" voting

Since I made them at the right time, I entered my Hawaiian print shorts into the “Shorts on the Line” sewing competition sponsored by Imagine Gnats.  I was so surprised to see that they made it to the top 21 for viewer’s choice voting!  Woohoo!

Go check out all of the lovely shorts (men, women and kids!)  and vote for your 3 faves!

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"Shorts on the Line" voting

Since I made them at the right time, I entered my Hawaiian print shorts into the “Shorts on the Line” sewing competition sponsored by Imagine Gnats.  I was so surprised to see that they made it to the top 21 for viewer’s choice voting!  Woohoo!

Go check out all of the lovely shorts (men, women and kids!)  and vote for your 3 faves!

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Summertime shorts

I’m STILL not on vacation (t-minus 20 hours or so), but at some point it will be summer break for me, since thankfully, it’s kind of inevitable.  I’m done with pencil skirts and wool pants for a while; on to summer attire!  So, shorts.  I’m so not a fan of shorts (still not after making these, truthfully), but they are practical and all that.  

Not wanting to spend actual money on a pattern,

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Busy as a bee

Merry Christmas readers! It’s been a while since my last post, but I have a really good excuse  I promise! Well multiple excuses actually! I have been hiding out on the other side of the internet not reading my blogroll (500+ unread!) and generally being a busy little bee. 

I have been sewing, working and Christmas party-ing. All those sorts of things that stop me from getting around to doing anything blog related. I have however been reading all of your blogs, so apologies for not commenting where I normally like to do so. 

In other more exciting news, as of February next year I have a new job!

Isn’t that exciting!? Its actually a secondment away to a different department at work in a higher role, but this department is a little more casual and they embrace fun and staff culture a little more then my current department. As someone who enjoys the atmosphere and aesthetic of work more then any thing else, I’m really excited at the prospect of working somewhere with a slightly smaller team but more responsibility in a relaxed environment. I really am going to miss my current boss and immediate team as they are so awesome, but this is a great chance for me to get more experience in my career and after the killer year I’ve had I really needed to be somewhere else away from the emotional drain of where I am now. 

So that means I’ll be sewing more casual things! I love this idea so much as I’ve had to wear smart/business wear for 4 years. I celebrated by buying a cute little Japanese sewing book – Formal and Little black dress. It doesn’t sound casual but the cut of most of the patterns is very loose and cute, like most Japanese books, so they could be easily made casual with the right fabric. 

Would you like to see what I’ve been up to this last month (in between work and getting sloshed?)

My last post was to show you my Olivia dress, sewn from a Norma Tullo pattern. It was mixed in with a give-away winner announcement so it might have come across as “Olivia – the winner of the give-away” Anyway… go and have a look if you’d like to read more! 

The lovely Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons also got in touch with me to test out her new Françoise pattern. I wanted to start sewing this as soon as I got it, but was occupied sewing up Christmas party outfits like this one…
Channelling Marianne Faithfull at Mojo record bar

This outfit was sewn for a White Christmas themed party. I totally took one of those Osterich feathers too, but then again so did everyone else. A small consolation for not winning best dressed! (I’m not bitter)

I shall post more photos soon!

Also worked up behind the sewing machine was a crop top I planned to wear with a high waist pleated skirt to my work Christmas party. I actually piked out and got a little nervous about the whole midriff thing, so I ended up wearing my “The party” dress. The theme was “Cuba” hence the midriff baring 50s style outfit, but a hot pink dress was a good replacement. 

Early in the month I went to a sew-along with the Spoolettes at the Bobbin and Ink studios in Petersham. I began work on the daisy dress you see above and also picked up some cute buttons made by the B&I girls. The studio space was great to work in. The screen printing tables were turned into cutting tables and there was heaps of space for sewing machines. Not to mention the cute collection of vintage sewing machines and ephemera, notions and vintage patterns on display and to buy. 

Bohdana from The Spoolettes also organised a Kris Kringle over email. My Secret Santa gifted me some Repro-depot fabric and I gave mine (Alex) some Jonathan Adler notebooks and one of my vintage patterns! 

And now for the patterns! Oh yes more patterns! Would you like to drool over see them? 

Some are purchased, and a few are gifts from fellow Spoolettes (Thanks ladies!) and two are from my Sister from another mister Nicole who finally returned back to Australia! We’ll be taking her out on a re-assimilation tour of Sydney and the Pop goes Popism exhibit next week. 

Also purchased were these lovely fabrics. The purple and blue poly-seersucker with the lady faces is my favourite. I have no idea what I’ll do with it the moment. Hopefully something will strike me soon 

Brown paisley which I’d like to make a maxi skirt from
William Morris cotton lawn from Spotlight and a new/vintage sewing poster

This weekend past I held a fun little gathering of my dear friends for a crafternoon. I planned crafts like bangles, necklaces, marbled bowls, felt Christmas ornaments and flower crowns. We had a lovely time, crafting, eating and drinking. Most of my friends didn’t know each other so they all got to meet someone new and everyone left with one or two things they made. 

It was fun to plan a craft only day (no sewing) and my main drive was simply to hold a party where everyone could busy their hands while chatting. It wasn’t strictly a Christmas craft themed party, but I did include one Christmas craft in the selection

From left to right – Joely with her beaded necklace, Nicole with a fimo marble bowl and felt ornaments, Karina and her flower crown, Anna with her crown that also matched her dress, Joely really got hooked on the fimo bowls, and myself with tacos to re-fuel the hungry crafty ladies
All in all its been a busy but good month, spent with friends and the highlight being getting a new job! Hurrah! 

Thanks for hanging around this year and for being awesome and wonderful and kind readers. I shall check in again before the New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to you all! xoxo

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Happiness runs in a circular motion

Hello dearest readers!I’ve been working away on some little projects lately. Just small ones that are very simple and only require a couple hours work. Would you like to see? First off is this paisley buttoned shirt which I made from Simplicity 83…

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