Welcome to Stitchtalk.com!

Stitchtalk.com is a NEW website for the sewing and crafting community!

Our goal is to foster a community of loving and caring people interested in creativity.

If you are looking for a politics free community, dedicated to sewing and crafting, you are in the right place.

Things you can currently do on stitchtalk.com:

  • Find friends
  • Follow people
  • Join or create niche groups
  • View and create albums.
  • send private messages to people

You also have the option to have a completely private profile and just people watch.


New Features are coming!

We will be adding new features over time. We decided to keep it very simple for our initial launch.

If you have questions or comments please visit the Stitchtalk Support Group


We want to hear from you!

Please don't hesitate to contact us. If you don't like something please let us know. We want the site to be easy and fun. If something isn't working for you please let us know. Please post to the Stitchtalk Support Group